1. FC Cologne: Renewed Saudi Offer? Modest

The Treaty of Anthony Modeste at 1. FC Cologne is only dated until 2023. The poker for an extension in the cathedral town is now in the hot phase.

As the “picture” newspaper reports, Modestes friend and consultant Patrick Mendy is currently in Cologne to start negotiations on a possible extension on the 1st FC Cologne.

According to the report, there are two possible scenarios for modests: Should the striker decide for a whereabouts at efftce, he extends his working paper for at least one year. That the routinarian goes with a run-out contract in the next season is therefore excluded.

The other possibility would be a change in summer to another club, where modestest could sign a better doped and long-term contract.

Already in winter, modests could have changed for five million euros transfer to Al Hilal to Saudi Arabia. But Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart convinced the Goalgetter from a whereabouts. The fact that the Saudi club dares a new offer in summer is very likely to the report.

Anthony Modeste - Top 5 Goals 2016/2017 Season
Modests had put the responsible persons of the 1st FC Cologne last under pressure and with “picture” said: “I need a bit of security. If nothing comes from the FC, then I have to look somehow.”

Cologne President Wolf hopes for extension

Effze President Werner Wolf let out in the past few weeks that Cologne is ready to grab the bags deep into the bag, but also have financial limits.

“Top striker cost money, we know that. It is clear that everyone has to catch the belt a little tight,” he emphasized in the “Express”, but emphasized: “But Tony is someone with which one can talk. I believe He can estimate the situation well. “

Modeste is one of the goal-threatening players of the Bundesliga this season. In 24 parts, the 33-year-old already achieved 15 results. Only Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern (28), Bayer Leverkusens Patrik Schick (20) and BVB striker Erling Haaland (16) are better in this statistics.