Crossout: Video as well as technology fundamentally improved

The PC version of Crosscut now additionally sustains the NVIDIA DSS 2 innovation, which additionally makes it possible for high-resolution photos as well as high framework rates. The battles in crosscut are additionally even a lot more varied thanks to a brand-new PVP card, new parts for the crafting of the post-apocalyptic armored vehicles and the temporally restricted mode.

Gain Home entertainment introduces the magazine of the Supercharged upgrade for his on the internet action game Crosscut. The upgrade to version 2.0 of the Target Engine is fundamentally maximizing the screen of the angry battles with post-apocalyptic armored automobiles on all systems, while the new control, the sound, the user interface and also the video camera make certain even more comfort as well as an immersive sensation.

International illumination, call shadows (SSC), regional representations in the screen area (SSLR)- these are just a few of the modern technologies that have been included in the change to Target Engine 2.0.

You can view the impacts of the specific modern technologies on the makeover of crosscut in the trailer as well as various other videos:

Furthermore, new and also modified effects-such as activity blur, Lens Flare, Flower and an upgraded post-processing-can be changed by the gamer at will.


With the Supercharged upgrade, we not just additional developed Crosscut highly, however also fundamentally revised the aesthetic style, control and the gameplay. In order to make it simpler for skilled Orland warriors to get going with the new crosscut, several features-such as the operation of the electronic camera or the new Hovercraft control system-can be adjusted to offer one of the most convenient as feasible pc gaming experience, states Stanislav Short, Head of Crosscut Developer groups.