Ex-Bayern-Star James Rodriguez wants to leave Qatar again

After not even half a year in Qatar, Ex-Bayern-Star James Rodriguez already speaks openly from farewell. The Colombian, who had changed from FC Everton to Al-Rayyan five months ago, explained in a _TCH_Stream: “How long in Qatar? I do not know. You can never say what will happen. But I would like to go elsewhere “

Even about possible goals, James already turned out according to thought: “I would like to return to Europe, why not. I have the requirements, I come to a rhythm and will wait, what happens. Another good option is to go to the USA go. I like that very much, but there is still time. “

At the table tuning of the Qatar Stars League James is under contract until 2024. Al-Rayyan had repayed eight million euros for the 30-year-olds at Everton a few months ago. Since then, James completed nine games in which three goals and four assists have reached him.

The day James Rodriguez RETURNED to Santiago Bernabéu and APOLOGIZED for scoring a goal

In Europe, the Goal Scorer of the 2014 World Cup played before its time at Everton for Porto, Monaco, Real Madrid and Bayern, to which he was borrowed between 2017 and 2019.

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