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Akai Katana will be published in Xbox, PlayStation and Switch on December 15

City Connection has announced that Akai Katana , one of the last games of the prestigious Japanese Cave studio, will arrive at Switch, Xbox and PlayStation on December 15.

This reissue will include three versions of the game: the original, based on which it came out in recreational in 2010; Akai Katana Shin, a review of the original with panoramic image and new systems; and Zetsu Akai Katana, another review of the original with equilibrium adjustments. They are, indeed, the three versions that were already in the Port that was published in Xbox 360 in 2012, and that to Europe at that time in the hands of Rising Star Games.

One more detailed review of the differences of each version can be found in Hardcore Gaming 101.

In addition to the digital launch (which arrives, by the way, with texts in Spanish; a grateful novelty), a physical edition has been announced, for the moment confirmed only in Japan, which will include a CD with the soundtrack of the game.

We have been seeing how part of the Cave catalog is reissued in current consoles. From the hand of Live Wire, those of Ender Lilies, were published on Switch during the second half of last year three basic classics of the study: Mushihimesama, Dodonpachi Resurrection and Espgaluda II. Like this Akai Katana, they are reissues based on the ports 360, although in those three cases they only reached Switch.