COD Warzone shows the first trailer and 21 pictures of Map Caldera Will not leave my house anymore

On December 8th, the new map of Call of Duty is finally starting: War zone — the island paradise Caldera. Now there is the first trailer to see and over 20 new pictures. Mango shows you the new perspective and begins first reactions.

After a small shift comes the new map of the free Battle Royale Call of Duty: War zone on December 8th. Now there is the first trailer published on YouTube by PlayStation:

Trailer, overview map, landing zones — that’s caldera

What else can be seen from the new map? A few hours before the trailer already came an overview map of the new map on Twitter:

In a comprehensive blog post on, the developers also show a picture for each of the marked Points of Interest for a first impression:

Regardless of the overview map there were a few more pictures to see:

How big will the map be about? By the overview map, it was now possible to compare the two Maps Caldera and Verdant comprehensible. On Reddit there is a map with superimposed maps in size comparison:

Players celebrate the map and the trailer humor

How does it matter? There are almost positive reactions to the new map and the trailer. The colorful card reminds some of a positive way of Far Cry and the airline humor of the trailer is very good.

Range on YouTube: Are you the same or am I just so hyper from the card? It’s so beautiful — no washed graphics, no gray filters, almost like the Battlefield 2042 / Far Cry 6 graphics and almost as colorful as the Black Ops series.
@ Stevob96 on Twitter: I will not leave my house anymore if that comes out.
Noah Taylor on YouTube: I like the trailer. I want to see more funny trailers!

However, some players complain that there are still no fixed statements about the field of field settings on the consoles and the versions of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

War zone gets the vanguard graphic with the introduction of the new map and the latest cod has the field of view controls on the consoles and a Next gene version. Here, the War zone fans finally want clear statements.

Huge Caldera News and Changes for Warzone Pacific | Removes Stopping Power, Changes Gas Mask & More

Another, frequently asked question — Can you swim on Caldera?. And although the water is no longer so deadly, as in Verdant: Swimming is not going, but you can then run in flat water and even get the effects of the perk’s cold-blooded when ducking.

More about the innovations can be found in the day on Mango.

The new map leaves properly impression and is good. But what do you say about Caldera? Do you think that the island stays fresh for a long time? Do you like the setting? Would you rather have once again made a city unsafe?

Let us like a commentary with your thoughts and discuss with us and the community. If you prefer to read something about which weapons you should now level, then look here: 5 strong weapons of cod vanguard, which you should now level for War zone