WM 2022: Novum! Julia Metzner is the first woman to comment on the World Cup.

Ovum in ARD: Reporter Julia Metzger will be the first woman to comment on a male’s World Cup last.
Metzger will discuss the last in between France and Argentina (Sun, 4 p.m.) on the radio of the public broadcaster.
The European Champion last of the German women in summer season versus England had already accompanied Metzger live there for the ARD.


A final analyst at World Cup or EM previously just existed in the private radio in Germany.
The ARD will also take control of the transmission of the World Cup last on freely getting television.
There, however, Tom Barrels will accompany the video game in the live comment.
With the Pay TV deal Magenta television, Wolff Fun takes control of as an analyst.
In the last of the 2022 World Cup, safeguarding champion France fulfills Argentina.
While the Équipe Tricolore has actually ended up being the very first nationwide group considering that Brazil in 1962, which successfully protects the World Cup title, the Albiceleste is worried about the crowning splendor of among the biggest footballers of all time.
At the age of 35, Lionel Messi (final defeat versus Germany) had the next and last chance to crown his amazing career with the World Cup.
It is 4 years approximately the next World Cup and I don’t believe it will be enough for me. In this method, to end the entire thing is the best, said Messi of the Ole sports newspaper in the run-up to the final.
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