Tunic Instruction Manual Collectible Guide

Sayo, the adventure game about a small fox dressed in a tunic is now available and with it, you can immerse yourself directly into action. In the extensive world of the game, you will find all kinds of collectibles. One of the most important collectibles is the instruction manual of the game. It is full of all kinds of secrets, so it is important to find all the pieces and review its pages. In this SAYO Collectible guide of the instruction manual, we will cover the locations of all the pages of the instruction manual in the game.

If you want to get more help with your specific location, be sure to visit each regional collectable page to get a map that includes its location.

Tunic Review (Spoiler Free) - Tunic PC Gameplay

There are a number of different collectables that can be found in tunic. Each one has a different purpose, such as improving your Zorro statistics or helping you learn about the game. Our guide center has a section on what makes each tunic collectable in detail. We cover the solutions and locations of Tunic Fairy and the solutions and locations of TUNIC Secret Treasure too! We also have a location guide on the pages of the Tunic Instruction Manual!

Next, you will find the locations of pages of the instruction manual.


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What is the reward for completing the Sayo Instruction Manual? By completing the instruction manual you will get the achievement Thanks for playing! You can also unlock the real ending if you get all the pages of the instruction manual and visit the sand of the final boss. ### more Sayo Guides * General guides * Lost Articles Guide * SAYO Collectible guides * Sayo Secret Guides * Sayo JEFES Fight Guide