M nchengladbach Adi H tter Hope for the returnees

Before Christoph Kramer on Saturday at Sky could attach to his refreshingly open plain text interview, the midfielder had to shoot once. The 90 intensive minutes on the grass plus screening time demanded your tribute. No wonder that the legs were getting heavier in the end — Kramer denied the TSG Cofferdam the first complete game since the injury in early October.

A similar picture at Stefan Liner. Even with the right defendant, little surprisingly, the forces with increasing playing time, he went for the first time since the ankle break on the second match day over the full distance. Two examples that made one of the many problems with Russia in the first round: Important players fell weekly or even months in the first half of the season. And even if they are back and up now, a physical residue is still noticeable. This is especially true for Marcus Thu ram, which has long not yet over the likeness, the pace and assertiveness that normally distinguishes it.

Is Hunter still looking for the dreadful?

Thu ram (Inner Band), Liner (Ankle), Kramer (Fascia Rise), Breed Embryo (muscle injury in the thigh), Ray Bensbaini (foot / strip), Many One (interior ribbon), Jordan Beyer (muscle injury in the thigh), Tony Jantschke (facial fracture), Last Jonas Hoffmann (Knee-op) or Nico Elves (gastrointestinal flu) — repeatedly torpedoed serious failures The plans of coach ADI Hunter. This is why the impression arises that the Austrian is still looking for a kind of dreadful and the matching system. Laws have not heard of Hunter in recent months.

On Saturday, after the TSG again three domestic defenders had failed and Bensebaini in the domestic defense, the problem with the VFL coach was exceptionally to the language. We are not satisfied, we may not be, Hunter said, but I can not remember an autumn season in 13 years as a coach, which was so difficult with so many injuries to unfavorable times. In defense about we could not respond anymore, said Hunter. All players who were fit stood on the square.

Kramer is gone on the gums

Kramer, in turn, in the end gone on the gums, Hunter also led out. Chris was eight, nine weeks out, but we used him as a guide player on the square. And he has hoped for the team. At Thu ram, the coach stated that the attacker is not yet in his best constitution and may be at least the bursting change to Inter Milan in the head.

Butte Hope: At the start of the second half, the service providers have worked up their physical residue, so that he can send a pot of pots to the race. In addition, the expected returnees offer him new possibilities — and perhaps sports director Max Ebert yes one or the other new entry, if it gives the market situation.

Elves, Beyer, Jantschke: Hope for the returnees

Elves’s favorite force will certainly be at the start of preparation on 29 December. I assume that Jordan Beyer will soon be back soon, says Hunters forecast. Tony Jantschke, so the 51-year-old continued, last suffered a few setbacks, but also with him, I hope that he soon is back. Then we could get out of full, which of course would be good to us.

Christoph Kramer Interview Nach Dem Spiel Hoffenheim 1 vs 1 Borussia M'gladbach  18/12/2021

On Hunter then the task is to form a team in the new year, which despite the difficult start of FC Bayern and then against Leverkusen as quickly as possible from the table cellar settles. You can not ignore the table, because the situation is not harmless, Hunter said. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the team has the quality to get nothing to do with the descent fight and move in other characteristics.