Werder Bremen | Toprak warns: “These six teams are really good”

Seven victories in the past eight games: Werder Bremen currently rides the success wave. An important factor for the success of the North Germans: Captain Ömer Toprak. The Routinian not only shows extremely good performance, but also keeps the green-white ship on course. Now the 32-year-old has warned a lot of euphoria in front of too much euphoria and in front of several adversaries.

“It is really important to me that we are upstairs. How well we really are, will show yourself at the end of the season,” Toprak explained in the “Kicker”. From experience, the defender knows that in the narrow 2nd Bundesliga “go very fast” – and in both directions.

“We came home 10th and know very well, how hard that was. It’s about confirming the services week for week. At the moment you succeed. But that is not a guarantee that it is the same in the next few weeks will run, “the Werder’s play guide continues. The defense man keeps nothing of “princely calculations”.

Although after the 3-2 victory in the derby against the Hamburg SV talks much for a direct recruitment of the Weser club, several other teams will send in the lower house to create the leap into the Beletage of German football. Six points separate the leaders only seven place.

That the quality is high, Toprak also noticed. “The HSV has played a team tactically very well, with his somewhat different football,” the captain counted another favorite on the rise and added: “St. Pauli, Darmstadt – the marching. Schalke is also there. Nuremberg Heidenheim is always there anyway. ” For the 32-year-old is certain: “These six teams are really good.”

So Plant Toprak his future

In addition, there were several other teams, slightly deeper in the table, which are “disgusting”: “It was really uncomfortable against the KSC. Paderborn has made it difficult for us, Regensburg too. Rostock with felt 25 uniforms – that was very difficult to defend, “the Werder-Profi recalled.

Therefore, it does not make sense to take the word ascent at the moment already in his mouth, warned toprak. “If you let yourself be distracted and the concentration drops, you quickly slipped on 6th place. It is important that we are up there. It is still a lot to do.”

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With a view to his own future, the central defender whose contract expires in the summer, “relatively few thoughts”.

“That may be due to the age that I’m relatively relaxed. If I would be younger, it may be a bigger topic in my head,” he explained. With Clemens Fritz, the head of professional football at Werder, he talk a lot, “for the rest I also have my advisors,” whirred Toprak.

“Two, three years” the 32-year-old still wants to play, preferably in the Bundesliga.