How to kill a soldier in helmets in A Plague Tale Requiem

In A Plague Tale: Requiem you will encounter many enemies, and although some of them will be a mild target, those who have armor, it is much more difficult to win. During your adventures, you will meet a soldier in helmets, so you will have to apply another strategy to them. Here’s how you can kill soldiers in helmets in A Plague Tale: Requiem.


How to quickly destroy the soldier in helmets in A Plague Tale Requiem

There are several ways to instantly kill soldiers in helmets in Plague Tale: Requiem, since you do not want to be with them in long battles. Use these approaches to quickly eliminate enemies:

Crossbow *-You can kill them instantly by releasing a bolt, but you can hold only two bolts, if you do not completely improve the crossbow, to carry more. This should be the last weapon, unless it is part of the storyline where the supply is not limited.
Throw the pots with resin -Use them to cover the ground or enemies with resin, then throw it / throw an igniter to set them on fire.
Banks with tar -You can break them so that the resin covers the floor or simply set them on fire when the enemies are in the radius of action. You can find them scattered by levels on some maps.

Put out the torches *-repay the torches that they hold, or any source of light next to them using Extinguish, and the rats will do everything else.
knife -This weapon is very effective for the destruction of soldiers in helmets. Having said this, you can wear only one blade at a time in most games. The knives along with the crossbow should be the last remedy.
Push enemies -If you are vile and have Grapple skill in a tree of aggressive skills You can push enemies into fire or rats.

A Plague Tale: Requiem-a game in which you do not need to kill everyone in a row. Sometimes you can avoid them using your secrecy skills. It can be useful if you do not want to spend valuable resources or attract even more enemies. Of course, sometimes you need to kill, and sometimes just easier.

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