FC Schalke 04 | New access Lode wants to bring “winningmentality”

One week ago, FC Schalke 04 introduced the Norwegian Marius Lode as a new commitment. Only two days later he was switched directly to the 1: 1 draw against Holstein Kiel. Soon he wants to establish himself as a regular player at Königsberg.

So far, the two-time Norwegian national player in this country was a largely blank sheet in this country. The 28-year-old wants to change the 28-year-old in the jersey of FC Schalke FORTRAN but quickly, how Lode emphasized in the interview with the Media House Bauer self-confident: I think I’ve brought a little winning treatment. I would like to bring that into the team.

With his last Team OK Body / Klimt, Lode previously got the Norwegian championship twice, brought the first title winnings in the eliteseria at all to the club from the north of the country.

After these successful years, it was now time for a new challenge, emphasized the central defender, who was set at OK Body / Klimt in the defense center.

FC Schalke binds Lode until 2024

I think Schalke is a very big club. Even though you are currently playing in the second league and not belonging to it. The history of the association, the environment, the players: I want to participate in it and bring in my mentality to the big one Goal to achieve, said Lode.

The Schalke newcomer, which has signed a contract with the Bundesliga relegated contract until 2024, realized that he wants to make the return to the Overhaul with the scarce as possible in this season: The possibilities and advantages here are fantastic. Where to play now Not where I want to play and not want to play the club.

By the way, Lodes grandfather comes from Wuppertal, part of his family still speaks good German, as the Defensivemann reported. But his first interviews did the Norwegian still in English.