WM | National group Assistant coach Röhl Flick turns you

As a fitness instructor, you have to make it that everyone sees the huge image and finds himself in their function, stated Roll: You need to be an perfect communicator-and that’s Hans.

In basic, it is crucial for success to develop a typical vision. You have to create this really plainly and then likewise claim. Hans did that extremely early.

Assistant coach Danny Roll estimates his boss Hansi Flick, above all, his skills as a communicator.


Hans discovers the right words for every single gamer at the correct time. Hans manages to turn into among us, said the 33-year-old in an interview with SPOT and goal.

flicks great art is that he handles to react perfectly to the respective requirements. To take on everybody appropriately, added Roll, who had currently assisted the national coach at Bayern Munich.

This likewise uses to the national coach himself and his personnel. Everybody is part of it, everybody has to know the method and the goal-and everybody needs to establish every day, stated Roll: This is how you produce a clear identity, for which you not just wish to stand up, however also next to the square.