The first 20 minutes and the reliable trailer Stray

The adventure of Stray from Bluetwelve Studio and Annapurna has already reached the PlayStation and PC consoles. And if you are still in doubt whether it is worth buying it, then the IGN publication posted the record of the first 16 minutes of the gameplay. A similar video, only a little longer, was prepared by journalists from Gamespot.

Both videos were shot in 4K on PS5. However, the greatest interest in the game was shown by Steam users-the story of the puzzles about the cat, robots and cyberpunk became the most welcome with the audience of the store. In addition, for a solid indie from France, they requested only ₽700 (₽630 at a discount), and Russian localization in stock.

Cat + Cyberpank = The most coveted game in Steam. This is about Stray


The developers themselves published a traditional release trailer.