Party night of FC Bayern: Nagelsmann kids

The stars, coaches and responsible persons of Bayern celebrated the championship title in the night on Sunday in a two-storey Nobel restaurant in Munich. But not everyone stayed over the full time.

Master celebrations almost became a routine at FC Bayern Munich. And so the joy of joy after the tenth title resulted in a row on Saturday evening in the Allianz Arena relatively short and probably just sober. Players like Thomas Müller could still leave the domestic stadium in the car. After all, in the late evening it continued in the Maxvorstadt in Rocca Riviera Restaurant.

Half an hour before midnight, coach JULIAN NAGELSMANN met in front of the restaurant and was welcomed by President Herbert Hainer according to a protocol of “championship title1” with a bottle beer. Later, according to own information, the coach should have switched to Gin Tonic. “That looks like water, none of you can either,” Nagelsmann was quoted.

For about three hours, the 34-year-old celebrated with his players and left the Rocca Riviera again at half past two o’clock. Previously, the Bayern coach, who achieved his first title with the dealers, was still a small GAG by opening the window on the first floor and announced the fans and journalists facing the locally, that Robert Lewandowski had signed a new contract. “Just a joke, people,” he suffered laughing.

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The youngsters of FC Bayern

Said Lewandowski had at this time – against midnight – just the Nobel restaurant reached a few friends. But the world footballer was not long.

Almost an hour later, the pole velvet entourage said, according to the report, again from the guests and press representatives and fled to the Munich night.

As the last guest, Serge Gnabry, whose future in Munich is also open, appeared at the party. Only after half a one swuded the national player.

By contrast, Thomas Müller had visibly fun. The Ur-Bayer is said to have a master cigar late at night.


Zarude is the newest mythical Pokemon

Last updated there is February 28, 2020

新しい神話のポケモンが明らかになりました! Zarudeの起源と伝承の説明!

A new mythical pokemon, Zarude, was revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This ad is one of the pokemon day celebrations of The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Day is February 27th.

The new mythical Pokémon has been revealed with a trailer launched today. Zarude is a Dark / Grass Pokémon. The new Pokémon is a great creature of a height of 5’11 “. The “Voyou monkey” has a color palette mainly in black and white. The trailer shows the mythical Pokémon that runs and fights various other Pokémon in the game.

Pokemon has included a Pokedex style description with trailer.

“Zarude is a Dark and Grass pokemon that can grow vineyards at the back of his neck, his wrists and the plant of his feet at will. The vines are solid and flexible and are useful for many different situations. They can be used to wrap around tree branches to move and enter remote branch bays, and even have healing properties. »

A mythical Pokémon is a class of Pokémon even rarer than legendary Pokémon. The most famous mythical pokémon is Mew, but there are about 20 other mythical in the series.

The ad does not specify how players can capture their own zarude, but it indicates that the new creature “can not be encountered in the normal gameplay”. Zarude is available in the contents of the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield.