FC Schalke | Farewell in summer? S04

Thomas Ouwejan is one of the winners of the season at the football second division FC Schalke 04. As a loan player after the descent of Gelsenkirchen in the last summer, the Dutchman convinced on the left exterior. Now Ouwejan has evidenced his future plans.

Compared to the Dutch portal “Voetbalzone”, the left-part made it clear that he would like to make the next step together with the royal blue. This means the FC Schalke 04 logically, the fastest possible return to the Bundesliga perfect.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?

A whereabouts of the 25-year-old is even fixed in the advancement. Namely, a commission obligation would grab, Schalke would transfer two million euros in the direction of AZ Alkmaar for the permanent transfer.

Should the shorts give their current spreadsheet in the 2nd Bundesliga on the last five matchdays, the situation is more complicated.

FC Schalke joins Sunday at the SV Darmstadt

“If we rise, I’ll stay if we do not ascend, I have to talk a lot with the club and look what the best is for me,” Ouwejan is still open to his future in the event of missing the Bundesliga return of the FC Schalke.

But for the regular player is certain: “In my ideal picture I go with this club in the Bundesliga, so I also painted it myself.”

Ouwejan is quickly becoming one of the audience’s favorites at the Schalke’s audience, convinces with high intensity and a strong openive crowd. He played 25 games from the beginning in the current season, achieving three hits for S04.

Most recently, the left foot fell with a calf injury, which forces him to watch for the coming weekend. For the FC Schalke it goes on Sunday (from 13:30 clock) at the table-four SV Darmstadt and other important counter for the climb.