Launched 4 person cooperation cross play compatible VR zombie shutter After the FALL Comparison video released

After the Fall - Official Comparison Trailer | Upload VR Showcase 2021
Vertigo Games in the Koch Media Group, known for Arizona Sunshine, is new to multiplayer compatible VR zombies After the Fall scheduled to be released on December 9 Published.

From 2:00 am on December 3rd, Upload VR Showcase-Winter 2021 broadcasted to convey the latest VR games that will be released in the future, sponsored by VR and AR News, Upload VR Showcase-Winter 2021 broadcasted. The latest gameplay video of After The Fall has been released.

This work supports not only single play but also up to four cooperating play by online and other matches. Cross-platform play is developed as one of the axes, and it is supposed that any model can enjoy the same gameplay. In the published video, the corresponding PC VR / META QUEST 2 (Oculus Quest 2) / PS VR is presented with the same situation gameplay, and Meta Quest 2 feels the difference in smoothness of drawing It can be confirmed that, but it will be able to play with no majority. In addition, in addition to the single start version, the game PC is required, but the Oculus Rift version and the STEAM version are used as PC VR by connecting it by OCULUS LINK or AIR Link, etc. It is also possible.

First season Front runner, Harvest Run Hollywood Boulevard, PVP Arena Warehouse, 1 new game mode, 1 new weapon will appear. After that, it has been revealed to add regular updates and content.

Up to 32 players started from the area where Los Angeles’s battlefield is to be sold in the 1980s Los Angeles, PC (Steam) / Meta Quest 2 / PS VR for Launched December 9 for Overseas schedule. From domestic Japan-friendly Steam version Launch Edition (usually 4,100 yen) and Meta Quest 2 version Launch Edition (usually 3,990 yen) can be purchased. There is also a DELUXE EDITION that contains limited weapon skins for STEAM and overseas PS VR.

Currently, limited weapon skins FWD to the Past (OCULUS) are included, and 10% off pre-purchase is accepted by each model. Steam and Overseas PS VR versions are also granted 48 hours prior permission. Other correspondence models will be released even with Oculus Rift. In addition, Japanese pages of Japan PS VR version are available, and it can be launched later than Arizona Sunshine.