Chelsea trainer Tuchel continues to be shut

Trainer Thomas Tuchel must not finally look after the Chelsea FC in the Premier League game against Leicester City on the sidelines.
As the English Football Association FA introduced, the allure committee rejected the objection to the lock.

The blues will bet Leicester on August 27 (4:00 p.m.).
The factor for the punishment was Tuchel’s terrible examination of his coaching associate Antonio Conte after the London battle with Tottenham Hotspur on August 14th.
Both had seen the red card for this.
Tuchel was inhabited for his actions aside from the lock with a fine of ₤ 35,000.
The Italian Conte has to pay ₤ 15,000, however got no game lock.
I believe the thing has 2 sides, Tuchel stated before the failed objection ended up being known.

One side is that I acted and obtained a red card in a manner that is not suitable and which I regret, but it ran out passion.