Two Point Hospital Swelbard Hospital

Svelbard is the second hospital in the world of 6 Two Point hospitals. This hospital can be unlocked by reaching the star level at Underlook.

In this guidebook on the Two Point hospital, you will find everything you need to know about the Svelbard hospital, for example, his best plan, star goals, staff training tips and step-by-step guides.

The best layout of the Two Point Hospital for Svelbard

You can get 8 sites to complete this hospital on Two Point Hospital. In this hospital, your main goal will be training and research, but we will still tell you about the layout that you can follow if you have not planned your own.

You can make a section 2 of the diagnostic area and make sure that it is close to a common doctor, which is located on section 3.

It would be easy to diagnose and treat patients if both of these areas were close to each other. Plot 4 at the beginning will serve as a multi-purpose purpose, you can make a room for staff here, but later, if necessary, you can make diagnostic rooms here, Pan laboratory and a psychiatric room.

You can use plots 5 and 7 for training and research necessary to increase the level of this hospital and bring it to 3 stars.

On section 6, you will do all the affairs related to treatment. There will be a DNA laboratory and a department for working with patients.

After that, there will be a section 8, which we can use for administrative purposes, as this is the very back. This zone is not perfect for working with patients, so it is better to make it administrative.

targets Swelbard Star

1 Star target

  • Teach 20 states
  • Cuting speed 60%

  • Get a research room of the 5th level
  • Complete the research project on urban mythology


  • 10,000 dollars
  • K100
  • Opens the castle Rocment
  • Poster metropolis
  • Bag with red beans

2-star goals

  • Teach 30 states
  • Cure speed 75%
  • Teach 2 employees of research III
  • Complete the project to study the scandal with a ROOVburger


  • $ 20,000
  • K150
  • the globe

3-star goals

  • Teach 50 employees
  • Cure speed 90%
  • Cure 35 patients in urban mythology
  • Complete the project research project WindSock


  • 30,000 dollars
  • K200
  • Burning building
  • Water tower
  • Pilon

Tips for Teaching Personnel Swelbard Hospital

Training is important for this hospital, as you will receive completely unprepared personnel.

First, start with the administrator and improve his skills, such as emotions, intelligence and endurance. As a doctor, you should combine skills such as general practice and diagnosis.

Make sure that nurses have skills such as the ward, injection and treatment, if the nurse does not have these skills, start training immediately, since most of the time they will work with the patient.

You can train a cleaner to increase his skills, such as mechanics, maintenance, endurance training and emotional intelligence. They can repair cars and other things, increasing these skills.

Wipers-the backbone of the structure; You will need to invest in them for the uninterrupted work of the hospital.

Just increase the ability of all staff in the hospital when you have a chance to get the maximum return from them.

Svelbard: How to manage the moral spirit of staff

To manage the moral spirit of your staff at Swelbard Hospital, you must make sure that they are happy. Even if you pay them a little less, you must make sure that you give them the main amenities.

You can provide them with a room for staff where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, a sheet stand, a machine for drinks and a machine gun for snacks. By providing these amenities, make sure that you also have garbage tanks nearby.

The hospital should be completely removed properly, and the temperature in it should be normal so that your staff does not have to work in high temperature conditions.

Not only for staff, make sure you have everything you need for patients. Because if patients are unhappy, they will go to another hospital.

If possible, increase the salary of employees to make them happier. Personnel with a high moral spirit will quickly cure patients.

Passage Two Point Hospital Swelbard

You can start with the hiring of a janitor, as this place is quite dirty, and the existing staff has no skills. After that, you can hire a nurse and an assistant. The best feature of this hospital is a teacher that will help us a lot.

We will often use this feature, but first let’s make small adjustments. You can make the bathroom less, move it into a corner and do the same with the research room.

You can even sell it now, as we can build it later. Now it’s time to rearrange the most important part of the training room in this hospital. You can sell all the broken items in the hospital and make the registration stand right in front of the entrance.

Here, assistants will meet patients, and behind them there will be a therapist’s office. Not far from this there will be a general diagnostic cabinet.


Build a room for staff

Now it’s time to build a staff for staff so that your employees remain satisfied and quickly study. Do not build a procedural office until this is necessary and when patients require this.

To date, you should start teaching one of your nurses for treatment skills. You will receive a reward for training your employees, so do not worry about money right now.

As in the case of a nurse, you can choose one cleaner and train his master class on training. After that, you can train the same janitor to all the basic skills of the janitor, such as mechanics, maintenance and capture of ghosts.

This will help you save a lot of money at an early stage. You do not need to train more wipers with these skills from the very beginning.

Your goal here will train 20 employees and maintain a cure level above 60%. Training will take the most time, so focus on it when necessary. Qualified personnel will help you maintain the necessary cure level.

When the main things work normally, you should go to expand the hospital. The number of patients will constantly increase, and you must monitor this in order to maintain the rate of treatment.

Do not build an additional office or room until you see the queue behind them. This will help you save the budget and ensure the uninterrupted work of the hospital.


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