Com2us Summers War: Chronicle, cumulative sales exceeded 10 billion won only 27 days in Korea.

-August 16, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, One Store and Hive Cross Platform, 10 billion won sales record

** -The profitable one store and PC sales are 37%of the total, Market Integrated Never Mobile Game Sales

**- 5 times that of Korea’s launch records, and overseas sales of 90%

** -Successful domestic service based on the world’s largest population will grow into MMOs in Korea.

Com2uS said summoned MMORPG (hereinafter referred to as Chronicle) exceeded 10 billion won in sales in 27 days after its Korea’s launch.

Chronicle is the first MMORPG developed based on IP, the mobile game , which has been successfully serviced around the world for more than eight years. The Apple App Store, One Store, as well as the Comes Group’s mobile-PC cross-platform hydro has been released at the same time.

Immediately after the launch, it has been ranked in the top ranking of each app market and has been recognized for its fun elements and competitiveness of Chronicle.

The cumulative sales of 10 billion won recorded in 27 days of launch is five times the achievement of the Korean launch of Korea’s launch in Korea. In particular, in response to the user’s various environments, the company’s sales from a variety of platforms are relatively profitable One Store and PC versions of 37%of the total.

NEVER Mobile Game sales ranking 10th in the mobile in DEX, which reflects multiple market achievements.

As Chronicle has achieved the same results as the original IP, expectations for overseas launches scheduled for November are also increasing. As Summers War has established itself as a domestic mobile game that has earned 90%of its total sales in the East and the West, Chronicle is also expected to achieve global results.

Chronicle is recognized as a well-made game by adding content that fits the MMORPG genre with the strategic fun of Summers War, which combines and combines various servants according to property and skills to form and battle its own decks.

In particular, some high-born summons are not the way of dominating the game, but the fact that the global box office elements of , which are the important factors of gameplay, are well-melted by the situation and the opponent’s strategic use. I am receiving.

Like this, Chronicle inherits the world’s long-term success in the world for more than eight years, and maintains the top of the domestic market based on the game system and operation know-how that inherited the box office DNA. Is building.

An official of Com2uS said, Summer’s War is the first Korean mobile game to achieve global cumulative sales of KRW 1 trillion, so far, we have a record of KRW 2.9 trillion and records of 160 million downloads. It is named in the market. We will grow into MMOs in Korea, which is the world’s largest population, based on successful domestic services.


With spectacle back to the BL: Schalkes success factors

In the pre -season, the royal blue did a lot wrong, almost everything – the descent that shaken the club in its foundations was logical. The responsible persons in the 2nd division managed to correct the operating accident. The club, many of which had feared a thoroughly through the 3rd league ten months ago, returns to the Bundesliga after only one year. Prematurely and deservedly. The 3: 2 against FC St. Pauli has been the most spectacular and emotional catch -up since the 4: 4 in the 2017 century derby. The list of success factors this season is long.

Kluge squad design: The builders of this team, above all sports director Rouven Schröder, have done outstanding people by making it a team from the ground with very low financial means and a high level of creativity (a number of complex loan contracts), which ultimately turned out to be balanced enough to attack at the top.

ROUVEN SCHRÖDER über die Trainerentscheidung | FC Schalke 04

Several leaders: The upheaval after the descent was huge, the Schalke hit the absolute hit with several professionals. With defensive strategist Ko ItaKura and the standard specialist Thomas Ouwejan, feared, for example, but of course with Simon Terodde, double goal scorer against St. Pauli. For the fourth time the top scorer – nobody in the 2nd league has managed to do that.

Concentrated offensive power: Schalke 04 currently has the best offensive in the league with currently 70 goals, because not only Terodde is constantly being dangerous (now 29 goals, 7 templates), Marius Bülter is also a hardworking collector of scorer points (10 goals, 13 templates).

Basic defensive stability: If the royal blue hits had to take up, then I would also like to do it. They were given four goals four times – each from Regensburg and Bremen (both 1: 4) as well as Darmstadt (2: 4) and Rostock (3: 4). Otherwise, however, the defense was mostly strengthened, hardly any team conceded as few goals as FC Schalke (43).

Schalke’s big support: the fans. Imago/Pakusch

Grown team spirit: After the disappointing start to the season with just four points from the first four games, the completely new team found itself very quickly. The cooperation grew steadily. Against St. Pauli it became clear that there is a unit on the pitch.

Change of coaching: With Dimitrios Grammozis, the bosses never really made happy, a rigid 3-5-2 system and controversial personnel decisions constantly caused discussion. With Mike Büskens, the club tip promoted the assistant coach to the head coach in March, the balance sheet speaks volumes: The 3-2 spectacle against St. Pauli was the seventh victory in the eighth game under Büskens. Grandios!

Strong final sprint: Only after the 29th matchday Schalke was on a direct promotion place for the first time this season, only after the 1: 4 against Bremen did we go down again, a week later but immediately again high. With the victory against St. Pauli, the club is very close to the second division championship.

Büskens effect: The Eurofighter lives and knows Schalke like no other, with his species he tears the club with him. The team did not overwhelm his decision to switch to four chains: on the contrary: several players who had previously remained under the expectations were received under Büsken’s wings, above all Rodrigo Zalazar, the 3-2 shooter shooter against St. Pauli.

Clear edge at Gazprom: Schalke showed attitude when the club was released from its long -time main sponsor after the invasion of Russian troops – the contract actually ran until 2025 and guaranteed almost 14 million euros in 2021/22 including ascent bonus. Even more: The royal blue could not only present a new jersey partner (Vivawest) quickly, but also caught the tart financial loss, among other things, through the innovative idea of marketing their training shirts (REWE).

Solid economic action: The financial situation is slowly relaxing, but the direction is right. The total liabilities of FC Schalke were 183.5 million euros on the deadline (December 31, 2021). And: The royal blue does not have to worry about the license for the 2022/23 Bundesliga season.

Can also become emotional: Rouven Schröder. Imago/Ulrich Hufnagel

Praise management team: The people now acting have long since proven themselves as a team that is composed at the top of the pleasantly defensive CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers, the always prudent sports director Peter Knäbel and the sports director, who is also liking to perform Rouven Schröder. In addition, Bernd Schröder are in the newly created position of the CEO and the chairman of the supervisory board Axel Hefer. This duo almost never appears publicly. For Schalke standards, this calm is rather unusual on all levels, but the club Tas club is well on the way back to the Beletage.

Good communication: The Schalke often hit the right tones (humility in the first half of the season, increasingly significant ascent signals from the second half of the season) and generally prove a safe handling of difficult topics. Gazprom is an example, another the unrest-stimulating Gladbach rumors about sports director Schröder after the end of Max Eberl at Borussia. It was also important that Büskens ’future role (he moves back into the co-trainer team) from the start was important to suffocate speculations in this direction in the bud and thus avoid unrest.

FREENTIC audience: Measured against membership, FC Schalke 04 (around 160,000) behind FC Bayern with almost 300,000 and Benfica Lisbon with more than 200,000 are the third largest football club in the world. The fans are Schalke’s fowage, which once again demonstrated the impressive atmosphere when playing against St. Pauli. Without his fans in the stadium, Schalke rose in 2021, Schalke is now rising again with them.

Emotional bank: Not only Büskens sprays on the sidelines of passion, but also Schröder and Gerald Asamoah, head of the license player department. Many opponents find the behavior of the S04 bank rather unpleasant, but the Power trio Büskens, Schröder and Asamoah acts as a personalized stimulant for their own team. The opposite pole is the experienced and calm Peter Hermann, whom FC Schalke brought in at the end of March and clearly underpinned its promotion.

All of these factors have contributed to the fact that the Schalke could now reach the climb prematurely and thus avoid the very big nerve thriller on the final matchday with the friends of 1. FC Nürnberg. The royal blue deserves direct Bundesliga return through a lot of diligence, clever decisions and prudent action. Enjoying is now the order of the day. And then? Full of focus on the immense challenges to make the team for the 1st league.


Gran Turismo 7: The update 1.11 goes in the sense of players, everything is forgiven?

Si l’une des voitures ci-dessus est actuellement utilisée, ce correctif peut être appliqué en allant dans [GT Auto] > [Personnalisation de la voiture] > [Enregistrer le style].

Correction d’un problème où une couche de la conception de livrée enregistrée dans le stockage de la console disparaissait sous certaines conditions. Toute couche manquante avant la mise à jour 1.11 peut être restaurée en supprimant une fois les données de sauvegarde locales. Si la vignette d’aperçu est manquante, réenregistrer le design affichera une nouvelle vignette.

9. Modèle de simulation physique
– Amélioration de la physique lors de l’atterrissage après un saut, principalement sur des pistes de terre ;
Correction d’un problème où la valeur de la vitesse du véhicule affichée sur le compteur de vitesse des autres joueurs dans les courses en ligne différait parfois de la vitesse réelle du véhicule ;
– Correction d’un problème où l’après-feu ne s’arrêtait pas dans certaines situations après avoir réglé le silencieux d’une Toyota Prius G ’09 et d’une Toyota Aqua S ’11.

10. Paramètres de la voiture
– Modification des options de réglage du système anti-décalage de “Désactivé/Activé” à “Désactivé/Faible/Fort” ;
– Correction d’un problème où la sélection d’une pièce dans la “boutique de réglage”, l’annulation de l’achat, puis l’ouverture des paramètres de la voiture par la suite rendaient le nom de la feuille de réglage nouvellement créée vide et la feuille de réglage se réinitialisait.

11. Race
– Correction d’un problème où les pénalités de temps n’étaient pas émises correctement lorsque des raccourcis à courte distance étaient pris ou que des raccourcis étaient pris en succession rapide ;
– Correction d’un problème où une pénalité était toujours émise pour avoir coupé la ligne blanche à Goodwood ;
– Ajustement de la position de départ des arrêts aux stands pour le Daytona International Speedway Tri-Oval.

12. Courses personnalisées
– Modifié pour que le paramètre Balance of Performance (BoP) puisse être activé ou désactivé lorsque les voitures actuelles appartiennent aux catégories Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4 et Gr.B.

13. Voitures rivales (IA)
– Correction d’un problème où les voitures rivales qui passaient aux pneus pluie après un arrêt au stand dans les courses “Wet Condition” avaient une accélération lente à la sortie des stands ;
– Dans les courses en ligne, mesures appliquées pour certaines voitures partant plus tôt ou plus tard lors d’un départ lancé en raison de problèmes de réseau.

14. Graphiques
– Amélioration de la qualité d’image de la fumée dans les photos de course ;
– Correction d’un problème où des débris lors de collisions en vue Cockpit pénétraient à l’intérieur de la voiture ;
– Correction de l’effet de fumée afin qu’il soit désormais rendu correctement lorsqu’il est vu à travers les vitres de la voiture (PS5 uniquement).

15. Rediffusions
– Modification de la façon dont le menu de contrôle de relecture apparaît à l’écran, passant d’une pression sur n’importe quel bouton à une simple pression sur les boutons Confirmer ou Annuler.

16. His
– La musique sera désormais lue en son surround lorsque le mode de sortie audio est réglé sur la sortie “7.1 ch Surround” ;
・Sur les systèmes PlayStation®4, cette configuration sera activée lorsque l’appareil connecté est compatible 5.1 canaux ou 7.1 canaux et que le « Mode de sortie audio » dans « Options » est défini sur « 7.1 Surround » ;
・Sur les consoles PlayStation®5, cette configuration sera activée lorsque l’appareil connecté est compatible 5.1 canaux ou 7.1 canaux et que le « Type d’appareil HDMI » sur la console est défini sur « Amplificateur AV » et que le « Nombre de canaux » est défini à ‘5.1 canaux’ ou ‘7.1 canaux’ ;
– Ajout des paramètres [Music Replay Volume Balance] et [Music Replay Master Volume] au ‘Sound Volume’ dans Options et aux ‘Replay Options’ dans Music Replay Playback ;
– L’écran « Options de relecture » dans « Play Music Replay » peut maintenant être fermé avec le bouton Annuler.

17. Settings
– Modifié pour que le paramètre [Afficher le fantôme de démonstration] dans [Paramètres fantômes] s’affiche uniquement dans les licences et les événements Circuit Experience ;
– Ajout de [Correction temporaire de l’exposition] aux paramètres du menu rapide. L’option ‘Temporary Exposure Correction’ vous permet d’ajuster temporairement la luminosité de l’écran pendant les courses. Quitter le menu rapide ramènera le jeu au réglage d’exposition d’origine.

18. Cars collection
\ – Add three new selection methods:
· The △ button will now move the focus on the current car;
· The L2 button and the R2 button will move the focus respectively to the previous vehicle and following in the list of cars already acquired;
· The □ button will move the focus on cars with the ‘New’ icon.

Gran Turismo 7's Credit Problems Are Fixed! (Update 1.11)
19. Automatic GT
– Unification of the brightness of replacement bulbs under [Auto GT]> [Customizing the car]> [Other]> [Bulb].

20. Trophies
\ – Correction of the “Wheely Good Fun” Trophy Text “bought 10 wheeled games at GT Auto”.

21. Title screen
– Divided the miniature image and the text of the news for them so that they are displayed separately.

22. Steering Controller
Additional buttons mapping When mounting replacement wheels such as Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2 flywheel at Fanatec GT DD Pro (only available when the compatible steering wheel is fixed):
· Assigned the upper / left upper pallets of the advanced fanatec podium palette module to the turn signals;
· Assigning the left / right rocker switch to switch and modify the MFD features;
· Assigned the analog stick to the rotation of the head.
\ – Changing the function assigned to the left rocker switch To be selection of the MFD menu and the function assigned to the right rock switch to adjust the MFD value when a replacement steering wheel such as the steering wheel Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2 is attached to Fanatec CSL Elite and Fanatec Podium.

23. Others
– Various other problems have been resolved.