Gaugian new national coach of women

If the qualifications for the 2024 Olympic Games will succeed, the contract will be extended by April 2026 and would thus also include the World Cup in December 2025.
The World Cup takes place in Germany and the Netherlands.
Gaugian adheres to the succession of Henk Groener.
The DHB had not agreed on a contract extension with the Dutch and terminated cooperation in March.

Henk Groener - Teambuilding
Officially, Gaugian contract begins with the DHB on 1 July.
He takes his job already in the coming week.
Then from Easter Monday to a course and on Thursday the last EM qualifying game against Greece in the Dutch Almere.
Two days later, the team has a test match against the Netherlands.

Gaugian is currently training the women’s team of currently unbeaten Bundesliga table director SG BBM Bietigheim.
In the coming season he will train both in Bietigheim and the women’s selection.


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