Tuition of Preussenstadion: The First Step in SC Prussias Sustainable Initiative

In September last year, SC Prussia set up the concept of the tuition of preussenstadion and therefore applied to the Sustainable initiative of the Sparkasse Hinterland OST.
The job encouraged the jury and received financing that worked as a beginning signal for the application.
Now, in early February, after extensive preparation, the very first joint learning system for students from the Prius School took place in the prussian stadium.
We are really delighted that the initial concept has actually occurred a concrete deal that is focused on kids and teenagers on the doorstep of the Prussian Arena.
Our huge thanks go to the Sparkasse Hinterland OST, without whose financial support the complimentary deal would not have been possible, stated project supervisor Mario Hangman at the opening event.
On Monday there was likewise managing director Peter Wiemar, who stressed: Our technique is to believe holistically the training of our skills.
Not everyone can handle to become a professional footballer, that’s the way it is.
It is for that reason essential to us that they also speed up at school in order to establish great chances far from football.
In this method we attempt to accompany and support them too.
I am pleased that we were now able to expand this offer for kids from our district which we can welcome you here. Semi, head of the learning studio Greenback, included: Learning can be actually enjoyable, especially in such an exciting environment.
We want to communicate that and help in a targeted manner.
It begins with an open learning group including eight students who satisfy once a week with instructors from the knowing studio in the Prussian arena for tutoring.
Depending on how the deal is accepted, other groups can follow in the future to support as many kids and teenagers in Berg Fidel as possible.

this is the task Tuition Preußenstadion

When a tutoring was established for the youth department of the sports club together with the knowing studio Greenback, the concept later developed the idea of expanding this deal and using a totally free learning help to children and teenagers from Berg Fidel.
Subsequently, ideas were checked out together, which Mario Hangman grossed into a type as job supervisor.

Thanks to the promo of the Sparkasse, pupils from the Prius School, who has their house in Berg Fidel and has actually been a partner school in the eagle club for many years, will get a needs-based and free tutoring in the Prussian Arena in consultation with the school teachers.


The school focus will be on German, mathematics and English.