Oleksandr Zinchenko over the war in his home Ukraine: “Wines only”

For Oleksandr Zinchenko these days are probably the worst of his life. While in his homeland Ukraine rages a war initiated by Russia, the football star tries to do his job as a defender at Manchester City as well as possible. In an emotional interview, the 25-year-old has now given insight into his emotional world.

So very Oleksandr Zinchenko also tries that he does not get the terrible pictures of Russian invasion in his home no longer out of his head.

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“I’m only a week ago, but even if I drive from the training grounds, I could not cry out of that,” confessed the 48-color national player in a “BBC” interview with England legend Gary Lineker.

At the Fa Cup victory during the week against Peterborough, the left-back had stated his team as captain. Now everything is except for him except the war.

“It’s all in my head. Imagine the place you were born to whom you grew up, and it’s all destroyed,” Zinchenko reported.

He would, like other Ukrainian athletes, also fight in his homeland, does not want to abandon his family in England: “I’m honest, if not my daughter, I would be there.”

Zinchenko practices criticism of Russian colleagues

In Meanwhile, Zinchenko is disappointed that after his perception, no Russian international has pronounced himself against the invasion.

“I was surprised that nobody, not one of them, said something. Most of them play in the national team and have many followers on Instagram, Facebook, wherever. And they maybe do something to stop this war, Because people can hear them, “said Zinchenko, who had played in his youth for the Russian Club FK UFA and for Schachtar Donetsk in East Ukraine.

An actor seems to have forgotten the professional of ManCity: The Russian striker Fedor Smolov had set a sign immediately after the beginning of the war and posted a review in the social media titled “No to War”.