FC Chelsea – Thomas Tuchel: Gamers think about jersey with number 9 to be cursed

At FC Chelsea, no player is currently wearing the jersey with number 9. Manager Thomas Tuchel has actually currently disclosed why this is so: the specialists evidently consider the number to be cursed

Last season striker Romelu Lukaku had number 9 on his back. The Belgian was incapable to convince and after only one season it started back to Inter Milan.

In the last few years, various other gamers had little success with the number 9: Gonzalo Higuain, Alvaro Morata, Radamael Falcao and Fernando Torres could not satisfy the high experiences. Tammy Abraham racked up 18 objectives in the 2019/20 period, however needed to take care of injuries and also form variations the following year as well as currently dip into AS Rome.

When asked why no one claimed the number on their own, Tuchel responded on Friday: She is cursed! Individuals inform me that it is cursed. We have actually not left the number for tactical reasons or for potential newbies in the pipeline. There was merely no excellent demand for number 9. Sometimes players wish to alter their number, but remarkably nobody wishes to touch them..

2014/15 as well as 2016/17 the number 9 at the Stamford Bridge was additionally uninhabited.

Anybody who has actually gone to the club for a very long time to tell me: He had the 9 and also scored no goals, and also he had the 9 and also racked up no objectives, Tuchel stated. Now no one wishes to have anything to do with her any longer. Tuchel highlighted that an end to the curse over the number number: I am also superstitious. I comprehend why players prefer different numbers.


When asked why no one declared the number for themselves, Tuchel replied on Friday: She is cursed! There was merely no terrific demand for number 9. Tuchel emphasized that an end to the curse above the number number: I am also superstitious.

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