FC Schalke 04: Peter Peters als FLVW

Peter Peters, for many years at FC Schalke 04 in the Executive Board actively, after the failed application as DFB president seems to be a head of the football and athletics association Westphalia (FLVW) to choose from the football and athletics association.

According to information from the “Ruhr news”, the 59-year-old was nominated by the Football Circle Gelsenkirchen and thus on June 25 at the association day in Kaiserau in the election against the current vice-president amateur football in the FLVW, Manfred Schnieders.

At the weekend, Peters had introduced himself to the circular proposals of the FLVW at the constant conference and was then nominated, writes the sheet. An official confirmation is not yet available, even Peters was not reached. The current counterholder Gundolf WalaSchevski does not occur again.

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For the longtime Schalke board member Peters, it is the second candidacy for a football office this year. He had lost the choice of DFB president in March against Bernd Neuendorf, who is also to take Peters’ position in the Council of the World Association FIFA in the coming year.