Many businesses such as directions and debugs are harsh development environments of one operation … DMMs browser game to end service [UPDATE]

The browser game “ Hero * Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes ” and “ Heroes * Senki WWX **” to DMM Games Developed and Operated by Tengu and Sink And Feel. It was announced that it ended service with 12:00 on 29th.

With the end of the service, it stops purchasing a paid item “Hero Crystal” at 16:00 on February 28 and the service is completely terminated on March 29. The refund of “Heroes Crystal” unused “Heroes Crystal” will be issued to the App Store version only from 16:00 to June 28, June 28, June 28. GooglePlay version and DMM Games version refund are not possible.

On the Homepage of Tengu, which is one of the development and managing orders, the harsh environment for this work was revealed. Although the sales level of this work has reached no problem, the work of the game is concentrated on one of the Tengu staff works to support various directions, scenario script production, production progression of visual-related materials, debugging, etc. It was said that it was a situation.

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Although there is also a proposal that it will continue to operate at the expense of either quality and health condition, it is determined that the health of the staff health and the “Hero * Senki” series should be prioritized, so The end of service to DMM Games and Sink and Feel.

The “Heroes * Senki” series will continue to add staff to the development team in the future and provide new forms. However, it is expected to take time to release even if it is determined, not a definite matter yet, but it emphasized that it has time to make an environment that can be produced in a healthy condition.

※ UPDATE (2022/2/28 18:30): Changed the representation of the heading. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.