FTX hacked, $ 600 million coin disappeared

It has been announced that the $600 million coin has disappeared after the virtual asset exchange FTX applied for bankruptcy.

According to foreign sources such as Codes on the 12th (local time), $600 million in coins were stolen in the FTX virtual asset wallet. The FTX informed the hacking on the official telegram channel and ordered users not to update all FTX apps and delete it.

Unauthorized trading occurred after FTX applied for bankruptcy on the 11th. Since then, Line Miller, a FTX legal advisor, posted a telephragram channel message and said on Twitter, We are moving all virtual assets to cold storage to alleviate the damage.

Currently, several FTX wallets are reporting the balance of $0. Various Ethereum tokens, Solar and Solar, and Binance Smart Chain Token have moved to several decentralized exchanges.

The exact situation of asset leakage is unknown. The possibility of internal rich personality is also being discussed.

The FTX announced on November 11 that it will apply for rehabilitation bankruptcy based on the US Federal Bankruptcy ‘Chapter 11’. As a result, about 130 FTX affiliates, including Dromedaries Research and West Realm Shire, will be followed by the same procedure. Only affiliates such as Lever X, FTX Digital Market, FTX Australia and FTX Express Pay were excluded from bankruptcy.

At the same time, the company announced that Bank man Fried CEO resigned and appointed John J. REI III. Bank man Fried remains in FTX to support the new CEO.