3 match puzzles that run restaurants, Netmarble Charlottes Table release

On the 10th, Net marble launched the mobile 3-match puzzle game ‘Charlotte’s Table’, which was based on the restaurant operation, to the global world except for some countries such as China and Vietnam.

Charlotte’s table is released with the puzzle and decorates the main character Charlotte. It deals with the process of making dishes. In the process, you can solve the story of Charlotte’s birth, affection, and conflict.

It can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store, and additional puzzle stages that contain flower bed obstacles that were not released in the global test to commemorate the launch. In addition, the effect of the booster was improved to increase the sense of blow.


Net marble Kim Nam-kyung, head of the business division, said, Charlotte’s table is a game that can be easily enjoyed by all ages. It is the biggest feature of immersive stories. We will periodically update the theme by time, such as adding.

For more information, please visit Charlotte’s official website.