Only one on the planet Mug kind: Golla makes twelve goals versus Sweden

Not impressed by the missing out on, the DHB team began extremely inspired and also at the beginning of the EHF Euro Cup, the residence side led viewers 3-0 before 9221 and also kept the lead up until 7: 4. Actually whatever reviewed the circle and captain Johannes Golda, that had the ability to score his fifth goal in the 5th effort. Until the break, the Flensburg stood with a strong eight hits.

Also, before the very first Globe Cup tough test, Alfred Gílson had suffered the following trouble: Bernice HC’s backspace player sustained a mild upper leg injury as well as therefore escaped the Sweden video game and also that versus Spain on Saturday (8:15 p.m.). For this, the national trainer chose a European champ from 2016, Simon Ernst (SC Dark Leipzig) just signs up with the team on Friday.

State was the 3rd failure during the current international. Area jogger Jannie Mosbacher (Rhein-Neckar Lower) had actually needed to cancel that left-handed Fabian Wide (Fuchs Berlin) set on Monday and took a trip.

caretaker Thin makes DHB team challenging life

Jury Knorr left a strong perception on the playmaker placement, yet was additionally not able to change the three-goal deficit at the break (16:19). After the change of sides, the German team completely slept down the start phase, whereupon the Swedes made a little preliminary decision (16:23, 34.).

As an outcome, Sweden discovered better into the video game and also was considerably a lot more versatile than the German group. The group of coach Glenn Sol berg established impressive power and also punch in specific from the back room. Furthermore, goalkeeper Tobias Thin, till summer two years in Magdeburg as well as Stuttgart between the messages, were increasingly open. At 10:12, Gílson took out his initial timeout card (20th).

Glimpse and also Golda make it bearable

Germany-Sweden 33:37 (16:19).

In order to have the ability to endure in Spain on Saturday, a boost in performance is absolutely needed.

Goals for Germany: Golda (12), Knorr (4), Schiller (4), Gretzky (3), Hefner (2), Martens (2), Michel (2), Foster (1), Weber (1), Temper (1), Drug (1).
Gates for Sweden: Johansson (6), Dark (5), Berg (5), Anne (4), Gottdrisson (4), Fellas (3), Sabadell (3), Patterson (2), Lagergren (2), Cardboard (1), Clear (1), Bergendahl (1).
Spectators in Mannheim: 9221.

Just when the revolving Swedes gradually declined as well as Till Glimpse located better right into the video game in the German objective, did the video game already made a decision looked a little closer once more (29:33, 52.). The truth that ultimately there was only a 33: 37 loss was likewise as a result of the exceptional Golda, which racked up a total of twelve objectives. The most effective throwers of the Swedes were the Killer Eric Johansson (6 goals) and Nicolas Berg as well as Fuchs circuit runner Max Dark (5 each).

Not impressed by the missing, the DHB group started highly encouraged and also at the start of the EHF Euro Mug, the home side led viewers 3-0 in front of 9221 and maintained the lead until 7: 4. As an outcome, Sweden found much better right into the video game as well as was substantially much more versatile than the German team. The team of instructor Glenn Sol berg developed exceptional power and punch in certain from the back area. After the adjustment of sides, the German group totally rested down the start phase, whereupon the Swedes made a tiny initial decision (16:23, 34.).