1. FC Cologne vs. BVB | Cologne

Luca Kilian is a fixed size with the 1st FC Cologne, under Chief Trainer Steffen Baumgart already has 22 season games in the Bundesliga to be booked. On Sunday it goes against his first big footballing love, the BVB. The defensive man looks back at a time he is “always wearing in the heart” according to his own statement.

At Borussia Dortmund, Kilian was once trained to the footballer, ran between 2011 and 2018 all youth stations. The biggest success was the profit of the German A Youth Championship in 2017, before 2019 the change to SC Paderborn followed.

Another future at BVB would have been possible as Kilian before the duel against his ex-club next Sunday (from 19:30 clock) to the “Ruhr news” betrayed: “I would definitely have one, two years stay in Dortmund. With that I would certainly have done nothing wrong. But like that, if you are young: you are impatient, you want to try out, you want to know if you could do that. That’s why I wanted to take the next step. “

Instead of increasing the top level in the Bundesliga in the Bundesliga, the change to Ostwestfalen, where Kilian met for the first time on Steffen Baumgart as head coach.

Kilian Adelt Cologne coach Baumgart

“In retrospect, you can call that as an absolute hit. I’m already aware that this is not always so running. All the happier I am that I could take a foothold in Paderborn so fast and got my first missions. Looking back was the Absolutely right decision, “the defense man rated his time in Paderborn, in which he also completed his first 15 of now 44 Bundesliga inserts.

After a rather unhappy change to the 1st FSV Mainz 05 followed Kilian in the summer then again the reputation of Steffen Baumgart, who convinced him to the lending to Cologne.

“With him you get 100 percent honesty. He is someone who can grab an emotionally great. The both paired with his footballing expertise and his clear path that he persecuted makes a unique coach from him in my eyes,” the 22 said -Year-old about his exercise manager.

In the summer, the loan business ends, but Killian hopes for a longer whereabout in the cathedral town: “I do not make a secretion from that I would like to stay at the FC. I hope we find a way.”