Youngster can continue to be 96 taking care of supervisors

Martin Kind is anticipated to continue to be the handling director of the outsourced expert football area of Hanover 96.

Against his success prior to the Hanover area court, the e.V. leadership made an objection to the Greater Regional Court in Cell. Yet the OLD spokesperson Andreas Kepler informed the Hannoversche Allegiance Dating on Monday: According to his provisional analysis, the Senate thinks about to attract be unproven.

This lawful dispute has to do with the handling director message of Hanover 96 Management GmbH. According to the collaboration contract, the managerial board of this GmbH alone might make a decision on the appointment and also termination of the handling supervisor. And also this supervisory board is inhabited with two reps on the club and also funding side.

The majority shareholder of the 2nd division soccer group had been deducted from the management of the Hanover 96 e.V.

According to the OLD spokesman, the club side still has the opportunity to deliver brand-new factors for Binders deposition till October 17. Only then will certainly the Higher Regional Court introduced a judgment.

According to the decision of the regional court and also the provisionary assessment of the Higher Regional Court, the EV. It is not the topic of this procedure whether this contract may go against the principle of the 50 +1 rule, which recommends a right to release directions from external capitalists in German professional football. It is only about whether kid was termination or otherwise.