How to avoid congestion in a two -point hospital. Management

Contacts usually occur on Two Point Hospital, when more patients are accepted than you can effectively treat. Sometimes the reason may be a bad diagnosis, as this can make patients move a lot, which will play a role in increasing the nasal congestion.

This leadership will help you with some of the best tips that you can follow to avoid congestion in the Two Point hospital.


What causes congestion in the Two Point hospital

As mentioned earlier, the main causes of congestion are the number of patients exceeding your capabilities and incorrect diagnostics. A poor diagnosis forces the patient to make several diagnoses until the diagnosis is 100%.

Because of this, the number of patients returning from the hospital is much less than new patients who entered the hospital. This will lead to overload if you do not make the right strategy.

How to avoid congestion in the Two Point hospital

You can take a few steps to avoid overload, as shown below.

Teach diagnostic staff

The first thing you should do is teach your diagnostic personnel so that they can quickly diagnose the disease. This will reduce the need for multiple diagnoses, which will help you quickly treat the patient and avoid overload.

General Practice Offices

An increase in the number of cabinets of general practice doctors is another way to avoid overload on Two Point Hospital, since sometimes general practitioners can diagnose a patient by 100%. Just put the first-aid kit closer to increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment in the Two Points hospital.

You can also update your equipment for the diagnosis of the patient as early as possible and avoid overload.

focus on the layout

The layout of the hospital is very important to avoid the accumulation of people in the hospital. You must make sure that diagnostic rooms are located close to each other so that patients do not have to walk much.

One schedule should be recorded for diagnosis, and the other for treatment, if you do not want to see the problem of overload. For the patient’s movements, make sure that the walls do not distract attention, and the width of the corridor is at least 2 cells.

Use marketing campaigns

You must use marketing campaigns to attract patients with more cured diseases so that you can easily treat them and not feel overloaded in the hospital.

If patients arrive with high-helerable diseases, they will be quickly cured and sent home. This will save the balance between the number of patients entered the hospital and discharged.

If this number is balanced, you can easily avoid traffic jams on Two Point Hospital.