The German Football Manager Dietmar Hamann Slams The National Coach Hansi Flick About His Continued Employment

Dietmar Haman, the former German national soccer player and current football manager, has criticized Hansi Flick’s continued employment as the national coach of the German national soccer team.

Dietmar Haman sees Hansi Flick’s continued work as the national coach of the German nationwide soccer group as a mistake.

I lack the belief why he should create what he has actually not accomplished in the past in the next 18 months, composed the vice world champion from 2002 in a column for the television station Sky
Soon after the World Cup preliminary rounds of the German group, DFB President Bernd Bettendorf stressed that they had full confidence in Flick.
In the summer of 2024, Germany was hosting the European Championship.
Haman named Thomas Tuchel as a possible coaching prospect, or we could have tried a fitness instructor who comes from abroad. When granted us that I would have greeted every new impulse, we moved away as far from what I.
I think it is a mistake to continue this constellation..


violent criticism of basic specialists from the DFB

The 49-year-old likewise slammed Flick’s assistant coach Mads Butterfat: We have a basic expert in the coaching personnel, then 35 corners in the entire competition and without anyone I had the sensation that there was even nearly threat. Successful battle habits is completely
not to discuss.
When trying to find a follower for the resigned DFB director Oliver Bailiff, Haman would like a quick service to not get a say in Flick.
The nationwide coach didn’t deserve this after the disastrous World Cup, composed the ex-professional of FC Bayern and Liverpool FC.
In the United States, a nationwide petition was released despite the round of 16 to relieve the coach. We fly out in the preliminary round and Hansi Flick reveals that the task is still enjoyable.
Haman would invite Fred BBC as Bailiff successor.
Bertha BSC’s handling director would be a good solution.
On the other hand, Haman might have imagined the previous international and veteran club coach Felix Math as part of the recently established DFB expert council.
He recently trained himself, has a lot of experience and would have been fantastic added worth.


Sturm sporting activities director Andreas Schicker confident that Christian Ilzer will certainly continue to be

“It’s about obtaining top quality with the objective of boosting the starting eleven.” The Grazers are presently related to Dominik Baumgartner (WAC), David Nemeth (Mainz 05) and also David Schnegg (Venezia).

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During the week, thekurierreported that FC Zurich and Young Boys Bern show interest in tornado success coach Christian Ilzer. In Bern, Ilzer is stated to have actually been advised by Adi Hütter. In Zurich, Hütter could change master instructor Andre Breitenreiter, who relocated to TSG Hoffenheim on Tuesday.

Regardless of the interest of traditional Swiss clubs in Christian Ilzer, Sturm sports director Andreas Schicker is positive that the effective train will be protected for the grazers.

Sturm Graz sports director Andreas Schicker does not cause a frustration. “We are currently in the middle of the squad planning for the coming season, certainly in exchange with Chris. I remain in excellent spirits that he is a train of Sturm Graz following season,” claimed Schicker toapa _.