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Ghostwire Tokyo The Black Tower: Should one enter the underworld or not?

Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a game with many choices. So if you are presented, some flags may be kept. Is that the end of the game? Can not I go as soon as I came? These questions are natural and will be answered in this guide. Here you will learn if you should enter the quest “underworld in the black tower” in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

If you enter the underworld in the black tower or not

In Chapter 4, you need parts for RinkOS motorcycle. But the parts you need are not any old motorcycle parts – they need parts from another world. The Black Tower Quest requires you to find some fragrant underworld oil which is found by going through a damaged Torii gate. When interacting with the gate, KK will warm up that after entering the underworld will not be easy to get out again. Here you can choose between “ENTER” and “Not yet”. If you do not even press, KK will instruct you to prepare for entry. If you want to participate and then feel that you are not ready yet, You can easily turn around and press EXIT as soon as you are inside . This is not the last section of the game, and in fact, there are other damaged Torii goals that lead to a section of the underworld, which are not part of a quest.

In this section of the underworld, you must Turn off visitors as well as some stains of spoiled trees, which they can turn out silently with arrow and bow. You can also go the loud way and destroy the place with Ethereal Weaving. If you remove the spoiled trees and the visitors, the path is opened forward and the house. Snap the scented underworld oil in the house.

After they have gripped the oil, they are transported into a twisted reality from which they have to find their way out. At the end of the hall they meet at Shiromuku, a new kind of mini-boss. After they have defeated them, grab the scented underworld oil, which lies on the table. They are returned to where they originally picked up it, and have to go back to the Torii Gate. On the last route to the Torii Tor, Several enemies with a high degree of difficulty you will attack . You can locate them or run directly to them and leave the exit.

And this will end this section of the Quest “The Black Tower”. Look at this, the decision to choose in Ghostwire: Tokyo between entering the underworld or not to choose, was not so big. Other helpful tips and tricks can be found in our other Ghostwire: Tokyo instructions.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on March 25,2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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