I was a lot in the pit, says Lilican after winning the first Wild Circuit Game Changers

Last Friday (11), there was Wild Rift’s first face-to-face female tournament at Riot Games studios.

The final of the championship, which took the Net shoes Miners teams and TBK for the stage, consecrated Miners as the first holder of the national title, earning $27,000 reais.

The series, which ended 4-1 for Net shoes Miners, was responsible for finalizing a growing team’s walk so far.

Even though it was fifth after the first qualifying, the team evolved enough to move to the Playoff podium and then overcome the favorite, TBK, in the most important series of the tournament. Check out the full summary of the series here.

Crescent Walk

After the game, the victorious team granted a press conference where he talked about the course of the series and also the challenges they have faced so far.

Previously, the players had commented to MGG about their experience with the competitive. Almost all the Net shoes Miners started playing Wild Rift casually; The player JU, for example, mentions that Tryout appeared completely, through a direct invitation of a friend.

This did not prevent the players from having the same focus and discipline as a professional team. Several times throughout the press conference, girls cite coach Hawk as the main source of motivation and studies that granted them this victory.

The players also pointed out that they focused quite a great deal to study the TBK game, especially citing the pattern of their composition style. The players have decided to explore the game against Midland, which consider one of the strongest links of rivals, and the player Maestro, who almost always takes the task of climbing with a champion who carries the game.

Challenges and Future

Speaking of the moment before the final, the player Lilian points out that she was not very confident. I was very ‘in the pit.’ I was very dissatisfied with my playoff performance, felt that I was not full in the games, but getting in the final and performing a job that I consider perfect is very rewarding, he added.

The shooter won the title of owner of the series for winning 24 slaughter and 40 assists during the five final matches.

Finally, girls from Net shoes Miners commented on the need to create an official calendar for Wild Circuit Women’s, as female teams already have routines very close to the ideal professional model.

The player Lee, who works for the jungle, also left a request for a World Cup to happen soon. I hope we have a schedule, a calendar for us and that in the future, you can have a World Cup. I really dream a lot with a female global tournament, because we already have several open alloys aoad.