UI, web page development without Excel one coding

Excel is the most commonly used work tool for practitioners in the field. If you develop a web page or UI without coding, you will be able to significantly reduce your development access and maximize your efficiency.

BAE Young-geun, CEO of BAD Matrix, said on the 11th in a keynote speech in the ‘No-Code and Low code Automation Conference 2022’ held at the Guido Fairmont Ambassador in Seoul.

The AUD platform of BIA Matrix is a low code development platform that specializes in BI tasks. It supports five service areas professionally provided by BIA Matrix, such as BI/LAP, dashboard/visualization, reporting, UI/UX, Excel process automation (EPA).

The functions provided are divided into DB bots, UI bots, and process bots according to the service sector. DB bots support data-related tasks such as data inquiry and extraction in the database without SQL coding.

The UI bot is an Excel font color, size, height, and location, and it is a function that can be implemented on the HTML5 web screen without programming such as Java. The process bot automates the event or process for the development of the screen on a workflow without java programming.

Representative BAE said, As we proceed, many tasks are based on Excel and are often developed to match the web environment. I maximized.

The Audi platform does not need to go through the analysis design process because the development process is seen at once, he said. The point is one of the key strengths.

The Audi platform of BIA Matrix is actively applied in public and private. Last year, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance was introduced into 29 projects of public institutions last year, including the next-generation budget accounting system construction project, as well as the next-generation no-cord system pilot project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Representative BAE Young-geun said, In order to maximize development productivity and work efficiency worldwide, there are a lot of services as demand for no code and low code is increasing. It is expected to replace it with a low code development platform, he explained.

It is expected that there will be a change as the number of cases of introducing or introducing these services in various fields, including large companies in Korea, is increasing.