Thief Stealth Action “Abermore” announced, STeam to March 29 delivery. Experience the 18-day thief life of a tissue aiming at the treasure of the royalty

Publisher SOLD OUT announced the stealth action RPG “ ABERMORE ” that Four Circle Interactive works on February 14th. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), scheduled to be delivered on March 29.

“Abermore” is a single-person perspective stealth action RPG. The protagonist is a tissue-like roving person. The player will experience his 18-day thief life on the stage of Neo Edward Morning-style city Abermore and eventually attack the royal family.

While exploring Abermore’s city, you can meet various characters and can be contracted by thief quests from them. There are a wide variety of quest types, such as stealing the specified gems and stealing the specified gems in a certain house, or returning a specific item for a person. Such characters and quests are rich and stage configuration is automatically generated. Therefore, you can enjoy different stealing experiences each time you play.

While searching on the stage, we will play stealth and look for key items, and keep the puzzle elements, and will approach the subject to be stealed. In addition to the main targets, the sub goals are also set in each stage, and it seems that there may be completion of the task, for example, not found in the enemy. In the trailer, it is found that the person who discovered the main character runs out somewhere, and it will attack the opposite direction.

One of the main character equipment has a tarot card. This is a so-called ultra-capable ability, and there are 14 types of cards. As an ability, there are things that display the route to be advanced or erase the footsteps or change the NPC to stones, and protect it when attacked by the enemy.

At the base, it is possible to purchase new equipment and replace them in the black market. If there is a weapon such as a knife, gun, bomb, it seems that picking tools are also available. Tarot cards may also be available here. With regard to the black market, the person who cooperates with the main character appears in progressing the game. There may also be an element that extends the base.

At each stage, it is also necessary to respond to the response, but it is also important to knead the plan in advance. In order to carry out such a plan, it is aligned with the necessary items in the black market. In addition, by increasing items available throughout the game play for 18 days, the possibility of successful thief in the royal royalty, which is the final goal, will also increase.

“Abermore” will be delivered on March 29 for PC (STeam).