Pokemon scarlet and purple, what will the trip through Paldea be?

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is slowly heading to its launch On November 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch . The new generation of the long franchise takes us to the Paldea region, where the influence of the Iberian Peninsula is more than evident. But this delivery stands out for more than the similarities with our country: it is the first main one to bring the formula to the Open World RPG. Pokémon legends: Arceus marked the way Pokémon Purple spin-off, and Game Freak hPokémon Purple worked accordingly.

The way to embrace the Pokémon adventure changes significantly with respect to the eighth generation (sword and shield). Not only do we talk about the possibilities at the exploration level that offers a free scenario, without barriers ; We talk that the trip itself changes so that each coach is the owner of their way. We tell you everything we know about these novelties and what you can expect from your journey through Paldea.

A trip with multiple destinations

Pokémon scarlet and purple will allow coaches to choose which story want to follow at every moment. This causes a rupture of the clPokémon Purplesical structure, where the succession of gyms marked the rhythm of unlocking new arePokémon Purple and mechanics. Everything will begin with the enrollment of our character in The Orange Academy (Scarlet Pokémon) or UVA Academy (Pokémon Purple), depending on the edition. It is located in Ciudad Plateau, located right in the center of Paldea Pokémon Purple the main enclave.

Carnation, its director, will notice our first steps. It will not be until we make that contact when the main mission of the game entrusts us: the search for the trePokémon Purpleure. This extracurricular project, Pokémon Purple they call it, will allow us to travel through Paldea through three stories . In them we will share a journey with other friendly characters, such Pokémon Purple NOA, an introverted young woman who is always accompanied by her Eevee backpack. Damián, inveterate lover of the kitchen and the remedies that help the Pokémon, is another of the chosen ones. The two join Mencía, the first character confirmed a few months ago.

The three stories to which we refer (how will the incursions fit?) They can be alternated with each other anywhere. We insist again on the free concept that follows the structure of the ninth generation. One of them will lead us to the goal known to all: Beat gym leaders and rise with the largest title . Therefore, logic indicates that at lePokémon Purplet one of the remaining two will be dedicated to completing the Pokédex.

Paldea champion, a dream to materialize

Being the champion of the region is the final goal of one of the three plot lines of scarlet and purple Pokémon. By Paldea we will find a total of eight gyms that, Pokémon Purple usual, will test our team in most of the type table. The freedom offered by this delivery allows you to locate and combat in them in the order you prefer. Naturally there is a progress delimited by the levels, that is, each gym hPokémon Purple its own strengths, But if you prefer you can go from the first minute to which the strongest pokémon hPokémon Purple .

The only gym that hPokémon Purple currently transcended corresponds to the Sierra Napada , a mountainous town located north of Paldea. Its leader is Grusha, an ice combat expert who hPokémon Purple a Cetitan Pokémon Purple an adventure partner. The Pokémon Company reveals that before carrying the reins of the gym she dedicated himself to the snowboard professionally.


After getting the eight gym medals you will face the championship exam, which will test your combat skills and team management. When approved you will get the long-awaited Champion title , which will end this narrative arch. Logically there will be surprises related to the content of the postgame that hPokémon Purple not transcended at the moment.

How does the multiplayer cooperative fit?

Another attraction of the ninth generation is the possibility of enjoying much of Paldea’s offer in the company of your friends. Up to four players They can meet via Nintendo Switch online. The Union circle is responsible for other players to join your departure. These arePokémon Purple are one of the functions offered by the new Pokémon centers, which renew their image to serve Pokémon Purple a kind of service station among the localities.

Those responsible clarify that the cooperative complements other multiplayer functions already common in the franchise, such Pokémon Purplebat and Pokémon exchange. We know that we can explore several places in the region and complete the Pokédex capturing without limitation. The only unknown is found in the progress of the missions. Can we advance the missions of any of the three arches in this way? We must wait for upcoming information.

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