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All places of collection in Chapter 2 of Tell Me Why

Attention, this guide contains potential spoilers for the game.

As you reach the second chapter of Tell Me Why, other game figures will be available for both Tyler and Alyson protagonists to track them through the levels.

To moreover discover the belly of Delos Crossing, there are five other figures to be found in Chapter 2 scattered in the levels of the game. Some require a little more effort compared to Chapter 1, so we are here to help you find them.

Here are the five collection figurines of Chapter 2 of Tell Me Why.

Point 1: The big frog

Tell Me Why - All Collectibles and Achievements - Chapter 2

In the first section of the chapter, Ahoy Goblines! Back at the Twin House in Delos Crossing, if you head to the table in the living room, on the right side, a guest will appear that offers you the opportunity to look below. On the underside of the table, you will find the Big Frog glued on the upside down.

Item 2: The faithful reindeer

By returning to the Cold Case police station, the twins will end up heading towards the upper floor of the Police Station and the Uncle Eddie office. Here, if you head to your desk, you will find that in the draw on the left side of it is the Stalwart reindeer available to take.

Point 3: the cat muskrate

Back at the store in Piery Fight! Because you will have to progress until you have access to the storage room at the bottom of the floor, where Michael is waiting for you. In the pause area and next to the refrigerator is a brown cabinet. Here you will find the Mory Muskrat you can review and collect.

Point 4: The Very Old Castor

In the Last Rites section, progressing in the cemetery and witnessing the memories of the twins, you will encounter a memory on the tomb of Carol Brown. Behind its gravestone, you will find a small box that accompanies it, and inside will be the figurine. You can miss it easily enough if you do not check completely behind, so be sure to move to the back of the tombstone.

Point 5: The Moon Hag

In the last section of the chapter, Scorched Earth, after the opening sequence, the twins will inspect the barn looking for damage. If you are heading to the storage room, where you have found the screwdriver in Chapter 1, the cabinet in the corner of the room will welcome the Moon Hag figurine that you can pick up.