Around Olympia: All decisions of 5 February in the LiveTicker

Today, the first medals will be awarded at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. All decisions can be traced live with around Olympia.

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Olympia in Beijing: the schedule in the coming hours

Time (CET) Competition gender
3:45 pm Snowboard: Qualification Slopestyle Women women
5.10 Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Women: Canada – Finland women
7:05 Curling preliminary round: Mixed Doubles Mixed
7.20 Ski jumping: qualification men normal ski jump Men
8.45 Cross-country skiing: Skiathlon women Women
9.30 Skin Running: 3,000 meters women Women

5.59 clock – Slopestyle: It’s official. Annika Morgan has made the leap into the slopestyle final. Congratulation! Tomorrow from 2.30 am (CET) you can then press the thumbs of the young Germans in the final.

5.57 clock – Ice Hockey: After the third break, however, continues here.

5.50 – Slopestyle: Yes! That should be enough! The 19-year-old shines at the Rails and drives backwards over the roof. Then she grabs the underflip and tears the arms up. With 67.63 points, she walks in ten. That must now be at least for rank twelve.

5.44 – Slopestyle: Start number 24 is back on the start… Annika Morgan now drives for the second time through the “Secret Garden”. Do you manage the leap into the final?

5.40 clock – ice hockey: very important for Finland! From this nothing meets Minnamari Tumins from the blue line to the upper Canadian corner. In football you would call that a dream gate. Suddenly Finland is back and makes an exciting game out – 2: 1.

5.39 – Slopestyle: Underflip Boardside, Double Underflip, Front Seven Double Grab,… The Slopestyle crime brings a lot to “Street” factor to Olympia. In addition to the cool tricks, these image shots are also simply a pleasure.

5:28 – Hockey: In the men’s out, the duel Canada vs. Finland has a certain explosive. But the circumstances are very clear in women. For the second time, the Airhorn sounds through the arena, because after a bad playback error, Sarah Nurse alone goes to the goal and closes ice cold – 2: 0!

5.22 – Slopestyle: Good half of the drivers now have their second run behind them. We wait and hope, of course, on a strong second of Annika Morgan. But a bit ago something has happened. In the meantime, three riders were able to top the strong run of Kokomo Murase. First of all Zoi Sadowski Synnott has set a really casual run here.

5.15 – Nordic combination: Short inserted a message from the camp of the German combiner. After the Corona shock around Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber, Manuel tears FAILS. He still comes on Sunday from Zurich about Milan to China, also team Olympic champion Fabian Rießle is ready for all cases. Whether FAILS is used on Wednesday, but is open.

5.12 – Ice Hockey: After only 61 seconds it rings for the first time in the enclosure of the Finns. Sarah Fillier gets the puck on the right and chases the thing dry into the short corner. Not good defended by Finland.

5.07 clock – ice hockey: Slowly something movement comes in this first official Olympic day. In a few seconds, the Canadian women meet Finland in the preliminary round group A.

4.58 clock – Ski Alpin: The training of the tracksets for 4 o’clock for 4 o’clock for 4 o’clock and Simon Jocher was broken off for only three starters for winds for security reasons. A shift was not possible because of the unfavorable forecasts according to the organizers. The race on Sunday could probably become the lottery from the point of view of the athletes.

4.55 – Slopestyle: The first quality run is finished. Much is no longer happened in the end. Kokomo Murase (Japan) is continuing to lead their brilliant run. In a few minutes it is already in the second run. Then of course we hope for Annika Morgan.

4.40 clock – Slopestyle: So and now it’s time for Annika Morgan (19). She has a super flow at the beginning, but does not get her second jump. Afterwards it will be very difficult to take up momentum for the last jumps. Unfortunately, these were only 29.61 points and 16 – the best twelve after two qualifiers come into the final. In the second run, it gets better, head up!

4.29 – Slopestyle: A certain style has this sport already. Each run is unpacked with the coach an individual handshake. Jasmine Baird has her cell phone in her hand just before the start and probably shows her timetable for her coach. Quite cock she grabs the thing in the pocket and then falls down the mountain. Maybe the battery was also empty…

4.23 – Slopestyle: With Melissa Peperkamp now drives a Dutch through the parkour. 17 years young and from Utrecht is one of the biggest talents of the scene. Directly at the beginning she shines with a proper combination of the rail, but she has too little air at the rails. As a sixth, she is definitely there in the final. Also interesting: Peperkamp has dared with FFP2 mask in the course – at -20 degrees Celsius can also be a good cold protection.

4.12 clock – Slopestyle: In the “Secret Garden” comes to the first time atmosphere: The Chinesin Rong Che goes ambitonized in the course, after the third rail falls, but she falls. In the last attempt, she unpacks a 900 degree rotation, but it is not enough for more than 29.36 points… It needs a miracle in the second quali run to qualify for the final.

4:05 – Slopestyle: That looks very different from Kokomo Murase (Japan). The 17-year-old grabs two 720 jumps, go backwards over the first hill and also uses the way over the snow roof – which aims to symbolize a watching house of the Chinese wall. She is completely earned with 74.95 points in the lead.

3.55 – Slopestyle: Slopestyle Legend Anna Gasser (Austria) goes on her first qualifying run completely with an underflip, but has problems to stand their exercise without a wobbler and concedes only 50,71 points in the end.

3:47 – Slopestyle: That’s going well. Enni Rukajarvi (Finland) shoots over the shots of the “Secret Garden”, slips over the Rail and then turns around 720 degrees. There is a solid 66.75 points of the jury. What this is worth in the end, we still have to wait. Our German hope Annika Morgan goes to number 24 in this qualifier.

That Curling Show: Mixed doubles curlers debate who should represent Canada at the Olympics
3:41 – Slopestyle: What do you actually do with the slopestyle? In the end, it is about a pour of six sections to drive very creatively. Since 2014, the snowboard discipline is Olympic. Particularly interesting: Around Beijing there is a crisp cold of -20 degrees Celius today. The snow is still five degrees colder.

3.29 – Curling: That was for the time being of curling. Sweden makes a big step towards the semifinals with the 6: 1 against Switzerland. Australia, on the other hand, must be beaten at 4:10. Spectacular images have been clearly failed, but it will give the women’s slopestyle qualifying one or the other exciting scene.

3.19 clock – Preview: Before walking in half an hour then the snowboarders go to the race, we look briefly on the medal decisions today. 8.45 clock is awarded in the skithlon the first precious metal, with Katharina Hennig we have a favorite in the extended circle. Even Olympia-Verygestein Claudia Pechstein has no chances for a medal over 3,000 meters (9.30 am). Little later (10 o’clock) I’m sure Vanessa, Denise, Benedikt and Philipp in Biathlon-Mixed get the first medal for Team D. And then there is still Katharina Althaus, who will fly away from the normal ski (11.45 clock).

3:03 – Curling: So far, the relationships with Mixed Curling but clear. Sweden leads in the middle of the fifth end with 4: 1 against the previously wedless Swiss. And the bottom of the table from Australia also gets pretty nice on the cap against Norway (1: 7).

2:51 – Curling: But now we look at today. 9.51 Local time is the curling elite in the national swimming center. Interesting: Here in the summer games in 2008, the competitions in swimming, waterpring and synchronous swimming took place. In winter, the “Water Cube” is then becoming the “Ice Cube”.

Review: Before it starts, we look at the day again. The stock predominantly of figure skating qualifiers, coaching ski jumpers and the curling-bang of China vs. Canada. Incidentally, the big opening ceremony was celebrated in the evening (local time). My colleagues have accompanied the most important incidents in the Liveticker for you.

Start: Hello and welcome to around Olympia. Here you do not miss any important decisions from Beijing. Together we start today in the first official decision-making date with the first medals. Here we go!

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Olympia in Beijing: The decisions on February 5

Time (CET) Competition gender
2:05 Curling preliminary round: Mixed Doubles Mixed
3:45 pm Snowboard: Qualification Slopestyle Women women
5.10 Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Women: Canada – Finland women
7:05 Curling preliminary round: Mixed Doubles Mixed
7.20 Ski jumping: qualification men normal ski jump Men
8.45 Cross-country skiing: Skiathlon women Women
9.30 Skin Running: 3,000 meters women Women
9.40 clock Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Women: Czech Republic – Sweden women
9.40 clock Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Women: Japan – Denmark women
10.00 o’clock Biathlon: Mixed Season Mixed
12.00 pm Short Track: Mixed Team Season , Qualification 500 Meters Women, 1,000 Meters Men Mixed
12.10 Tobogganing: 1. and 2nd run of a men Men
12.30 Freestyle: Humpback Piste Men (Qualification 11.00 clock) Men
12.45 Ski jumping: Single women ski jumpers Women
13:05 Curling preliminary round: Mixed Doubles Mixed
14.10 Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Women: USA – Russia women