NBA News – LeBron James and other stars celebrate Kyrie Irving after 60 points

The outstanding 60-point show of Kyrie Irving has triggered a lot of enthusiasm in the NBA. His Head Coach Steve Nash swarmed like ex-teammate Lebron James. Kevin Durant is meaning for the league.

“Ky, stop, you !!!,” Lebron wrote on Twitter while he enjoyed the Kyrie show at the 150: 108 victory of the Nets against the Orlando Magic. The Lakers star and former teammates of the Point Guard pushed then with some laugh Emoji garnished behind: “Actually, do not stop.”

Irving achieved at the end 60 points at 20/31 from the field and 8/12 threesome. For his incredible scoring evening, with which he set the day previously established season record of Karl-Anthony Towns, he just needed 35 minutes. Already at halftime he stood at 41 points.

“He’s just incredible,” Head Coach Steve Nash afterwards. “I felt he had surpassed the highlight reel of my career after 12 minutes. It is something very special to watch him, especially in one evening like this if he has completely control. He comes everywhere Where he wants. It is a pleasure to watch him. “

In a similar score, numerous other NBA stars hit Twitter. Evan Fournier (New York Knicks) wrote, for example: “Kyrie is the most talented player of all time. I’m not sure if there is a debate about it.” Isaiah Thomas called Kyrie as a “young bobe” and a “master of the game”.

Nets-Star Kevin Durant: “League in an excellent location”

“I’m sure you have to see it already in the first quarter. He had 16 in the first passage and then in the second passage we are all just amazing on the bench,” Kevin said Durant. “One day after Karl Towns has shown such an incredible performance, Kyrie also puts such an appearance… The league is in an excellent location.”

Durant and Irving are also the first teammates in the history of the NBA, which was at least 50 points in successive games. KD reach the Knicks 53 counter on Sunday.

The 29-year-old himself called his performance a “game in pure form”, but also stressed, “I’m just glad that there was no empty 50+ points game. KD and I wrote story. But this troupe, this Guys also deserve a great praise. I have no doubt that everyone believes here that we can achieve something very special. “

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Since Irving refuses to be vaccinated, he has so far only incurred in away games and has completed 19 games in the current season. Since the Nets for a long time were also persecuted by the injury spoken, Brooklyn is only on 8th place in the East with a balance sheet of 36-33.