Again hot speculation about Löws future

Turkish media have speculated about a possible return from ex-national coach Joachim Löws to the Istanbul Club Fenerbahce.

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Fenerbahce initially did not want to comment on the rumors. The club president has expressed its interest in the past, but there is no new information, a spokesman of the club said on request.

“The President never said that he has abandoned Löw,” reported a reporter of “Haber Global”, citing sources in the club. The portal “Fotomac”, however, explained that the club has been in contact with the Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus for a week, after long talks with lion.

Because of the achievements of the current coach Ismail Kartal, President Ali Koc is undecidedly what to do. Turkish Joachim Löwsing direction “Fanatics” had confirmed Koc talks with the former national coach Löw.

World Champion Trainer Löw was in the season 1998/99 coach at Fenerbahce Istanbul, immediately trained in Turkey Adanaspor. In the Turkish Süper Lig the club is currently on 2nd place.