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The end of One Piece approaches and Oda launches a lPiecet message that puts the hair on end

One week. It remains exactly a week for the return of One Piece . The manga went to the longest break in its history on June 19 and there hPiece not been only one chapter since then. The never seen in its 25 years of history. 25 years that he will precisely fulfill his return , because Luffy’s story began on July 22, 1997. And far from complying with that, his author, Eiichiro Oda, confirmed before his break that on the way back The final saga will begin. We have spent four weeks going up the walls before the idea, but the wait touches its end. And just before the reunion, Oda wanted to launch a second message to the community:


When I wPiece a child I thought about how much I would like They have been 25 years! But it is also fine if you want to start reading from this point. From now on it will only be… One Piece! I will draw all the mysteries of this world that I have been hiding. It will be super Interesting! PlePiecee, Open the belts ! And stay with me a little more!

How much is One Piece?

Although Oda used the term final arc to refer to what is coming, It is most likely that it is a saga instead of a plot arc. The SagPiece cover several of these and there are too many issues to address to be a mere arc (Shanks, Luffy’s father, the visit to Laught Tale, clPiecehes with the world government and bearding, etc.). If we say, a saga could still be One Piece for a while. The lPiecet one, that of the four emperors, hPiece lPieceted eight years and covers Piece long and important frames Piece those of Zou Island, Whole Cake Island and Wano.

In any cPiecee, and waiting for his return (here we tell you when he leaves Chapter 1054 of One Piece), there is no better time to look at the pPiecet, present and future of the straw hat ** and rejoice that Oda It would allow us to be another Nakama, a crew member. These days we have looked at the pPiecet by reviewing how to see One Piece in order, the present with reports where we analyzed the new rewards or the final enemies of Luffy, and to the future by predicting the 5 reunions that will make us cry before the story ends. Done all this only remains to comply with the author’s designs and fPieceten the belt.

Are you ready?


ISco by Real Madrid is waiting for suitable deals

Francisco Roman Alarcón Suárez (Spanish pronunciation: [fɾanˈθisko Roman Alaskan swayed]; birthed 21 April 1992), typically referred to as Disco ([risk], is a Spanish expert footballer that plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid as well as the Spain nationwide group. In 2017, he was picked as one of the 30 best gamers in the globe for that season. He began his occupation at Valencia, playing primarily in its get team, prior to joining Málaga in 2011. His efficiencies at Malaga earned him the Golden Boy honor in 2012, as well as a EUR30 million transfer to Real Madrid in June 2013, with whom he has actually won 16 significant trophies including four UEFA Champions League titles, two La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey and also 4 FIFA Club World Mug titles.
Disco stood for Spain at numerous young people degrees, including at the 2012 Olympics, and also made his senior worldwide debut in 2013, later on participating at the 2018 FIFA Globe Mug.


DISCO by Real Madrid controls at Blanco on a farewell — either in the winter transfer window in January or the end of the contract next summer. According to information from Spot and Goal, the 29-year-old has no real offer to extend his working paper.

The advisers of the Spaniard will decide in the coming four weeks how it should continue with the midfielder. A farewell in January would probably really like real, because then the Madrilène for DISCO could still get a transfer fee.

A separation in summer would probably be the more attractive option for DISCO, because then, for example, would be interested in more associations at a release-free commitment.

So far, no clubs have not yet registered at Real to inquire about DISCO. Since 2013 he plays for the royal after he had previously made in Malaga.

On Sunday against Granada (4: 1) he stood for the first time after almost two months for real in the league in the square. As a difference, he was allowed to join for ten minutes, although there was a co-trainer of Chef coach Carlo Ancelotti when warming up with CADENZA COPE and CADENZA SER, as DISCO refused to prepare more intensively. Ancelotti nevertheless changed him to avoid a greater incident during the game.

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