BVB anticipates Rose

Borussia Dortmund has corrected his financial forecast for the 2021/22 financial year by a couple of million euros. An annual imbalance in the team of 25 to 29 million euros is now to be anticipated, the GmbH & Co. KGAA revealed on Thursday by means of AD-HOC report. Formerly, 17 to 24 million euros in minus had actually been expected.

This results in an unique depreciation in the center single-digit million array for the 2021/22 fiscal year, which, nevertheless, contrasts with likewise reduced depreciation of the very same quantity in the adhering to two years. Roses is successful Edin Terzic.

The background to the wear and tear in results is essentially the early separation from the previous head trainer Marco Rose and also his group. The parties have actually typically gotten to arrangement on the monetary content of the premature termination of the employment contracts that were originally up to June 30, 2024, it stated.

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Mike Wilson, Co-Founder of Devolver, Create Deepwell, Mental Health Game Publisher

Mike Wilson combined Ryan Douglas, an engineer and former CEO of NEXTERN, a company working to carry out medical media, to create Deepwell, a new publisher whose productions (internal as external) will aim to propose a real benefit in terms of physical and especially mental health.

DeepWell DTx - Official Reveal Trailer (Developer & Publisher)

If Deepwell comes out of the ground at the beginning of the year 2022, it is first of all because of Mike Wilson’s commitment to the theme of mental health – he has served in particular several years on the board of Take this, a charity that feeds resource developers around the subject. But it is also, unsurprisingly, the result of an awareness that was done in particular during the global pandemic of CIVID-19 vis-à-vis the resurgence of mental disorders, starting with depression. All according to Ryan Douglas, with an insufficient number of specialists to treat them, especially in the United States where the medical coverage issues are added. Last observation: Medical Games often lack fun know-how to become truly fun and enjoyable experiences.

According to Mike Wilson for IGN, Deepwell will soon propose three types of projects. The first will be titles developed internally, with the aim of being also fun therapeutic, and will aim for a broad audience on maximum platforms. The second will be games developed by third parties, especially independent studios and who could have therapeutic virtues; Deepwell hopes to be able to join certain developments to guide the teams concerned in their approach. The latter will target games already released and whose medical qualities deserve to be recognized. “_These games already out, very therapeutic, can be explicitly presented to people who suffer from mental problems in order to help them follow a treatment”, thus explains Ryan Douglas.

Forty creators, game designers, scientists and researchers participate in the project in order to define major principles of the therapeutic design_. Rami Ismail, Lorne Lanning, American McGee or Tom Hall are among the big names of the video game involved. All kinds of games are envisaged and Deepwell does not want to start in the production of WHolesome Games \ – these soft, positive games – and the founders explain: “to connect and thus advance on the therapeutic ground… It may not be up to rainbows and sun rays that will allow you to identify you at the game. Sometimes, following a darker path offers a moment of distraction and self-realization […] Who can prove very catharic. And that’s what people who play these dark games say very, very long_ “.

The first titles of Deepwell should be announced by the end of spring.


VFL Wolfsburg: Arnolds late assist

Maximilian Arnold | Skills and Goals | Highlights
“Of it,” says Maximilian Arnold, “I hear for the first time.” But the statistics do not answer: he, the Wolfsburg midfield engine, running and running and running. In this season already 276.28 kilometers (mileage and other statistics on the Bundesliga…). This is great in the Bundesliga, Frankfurt Djibril Sow (275.93 kilometers), however, is close to the heels. Arnold wants to put the lead with a wink with a wink: “I give my best,” he says, “but I do not play any different now, I’m trying to run so much so that I can help the boys.”

Arnold self-critical

He helped them especially last weekend. You can hardly believe it: His corner football, who came across the head of the Unionist Taiwo Awoniyi to the Wolfsburg victory goal in Berlin’s enclosure, was the first goal template Arnolds in this Bundesliga season. There are two of his own hits. Too little for someone like him, who posted three goals and six templates in the past season. “One asks: Hey, what’s going on?” Arnold admits after his late assist premiere this season that he himself is not satisfied with his previous yield, especially since he performs all the standards. He praised but improvement: “At the beginning of the season, the standards were not so good, I have to say that self-critical so. Meanwhile they have become better.” After Awoniyi, so Arnold, it should now be a team of players who recycle his balls.

A “new” teammate has been Arnold on his side for a short time: Xaver Schlager. With the Austrian he formed a very successful double six in the past season, now he is back to his cruciate ligament. “I’m glad he’s back,” says Arnold and reported by the growing understanding with the secondary man. “Everyone knew what the other does.” Now it still needs a bit, “until the old Xaver is back”. During its absence, Arnold mostly played with the 19-year-old Aster Vranckx at the side. The difference to hit? “By the fact that Aster is still very young, you have to be a lot of coaching. This is a learning process, because he is on his very good way.” A way Arnold has gone in recent years.