Schalke 04 Great relief in Royal Blue and Fraisl

Finally, a lot of Schalke fans should have thought of the in the end 4: 1 against the FAN. Finally, Königsberg has again decided a duel with a top 10 team in the narrow 2nd league. After the 1-0 at the SC Paderborn at the beginning of September, the Gelsenkirchen had only one counter from seven games against climbing competitors. Although it was under these games also much discussed 1: 1 against Welder Bremen, but as last week at St. Pauli (1: 2) there were otherwise only defeats: 0: 1 in Dagenham and 1: 4 in Regensburg, gave at home There is a 2: 4 against Darmstadt, a 1: 2 against Karlsruhe and a 1: 3 against HSV.

You know you have to win the game, Keeper Martin Frail declared Sky with regard to the narrow table situation. The expectation before the game was crazy. The pressure situation was enormous — accordingly great is the relief, the Austrian commented, which was also due to some uncertainties reason to look forward to the hits on the right side.

frail calls fans as the reason for the increase in performance

Martin Fraisl: Ehrgeizig, ehrlich, emotional | Ortstermin | FC Schalke 04

Great share of the total performance increase of the scarce, according to Frail, had the fans. Finally, S04 would have been often as a troupe that we take the emotions from the ranks with the field. The fact that they were present at the total of 15,000 spectators was clear in advance due to the fan friendship of the clubs.

Not so clear, however, was how the visually superior Schalke designed the encounter over wide routes and earned the points as well as the huge leap in the table. This involved was also Dark Hurling, who was also facilitated. For this, the Stuttgart loan alone already made the fact to be painless after a month full of shoulder problems.

We have enough quality in the team. If we give 100 percent, I do not worry.

Dark Hurling

Of course, the strong Hurling pleased it as much as to have achieved his first goal in the dress of the royal blue. Added to this was the template to the 1-0 by Thomas Ocean. After grading, the offensive man from Nordmasedonia still gave a fight announcement: It just has to give every single player one hundred percent. We have enough quality in the team. If we give a hundred percent, I do not worry, Hurling sat despite the injured situation at S04 self-confident.

At the end of the first round, after all, an important success succeeded. The next top match against HSV next Saturday (20.30 pm, live! At Darko Churlinov) can come. From S04 point of view the next victory against a promotion competitor.