How to fix the error “Unable to call a cooperator” in Elden Ring

If you have problems with error “Unable to call a cooperator” In Elden Ring you will first need to check the Internet connection. Sometimes, Internet problems and problems with your connection can cause various game errors, and Elden Ring is no different.

To check the internet connection, we recommend entering such a site as This is a free tool that players can use to check their Internet speed . If after using you will find that your speed is lower than usual, it may be the cause of the Unable to Summon Cooperator error.

But, if nothing unusual, you can not do anything to correct the error, except for several attempts to restart your computer. Router , System as well * Game . However, these fixes are not guaranteed, and the root of the Summon Cooperator error stems from the problems with the server or the bug in the game. An error may also occur when players are trying to call the player who recently called on another player.

Another possible cause of the problem is overflowing servers or players who need to win Margit Boss . Nevertheless, we recommend that you wait a bit to call a cooperator, since by that time developers must release a patch that eliminates the problem.

Elden Ring unable to summon cooperator SOLVED | Furlcalling Finger Remedy farm!

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