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Elden Ring – What does the animal eye do?

The animal eye is a key item in Elden Ring, which can be obtained from Gurranka, the priests of animals in the beast of the sanctuary. The animal eye is given to you after you first gave Gurranka the root of death. The animal eye cannot be used or equipped, so what makes the animal eye?

The animal eye is a passive subject, which can detect nearby death root. . At the entrance to the dungeon with the death of death, the animal eye will begin to tremble and notify you with the message on the screen. Death Root is rarely found, so the animal eye can be very useful for research.

how to get a beast eye

Getting a animal eye is a little complicated process, but this is a good quest line. First, you must meet D, which can be found outside the village of Summonwater Village in the north-east of Limgrave. The next step requires you to find a little death root that can be found by defeating the sailor’s boss in Summonwater or can be found in the catacombs affected by death.

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With D you can talk in the thrum of the round table, and he will tell you to meet with his friend Gurrank. He will specify the place to send you to Gurrank. Use the portal, talk to Gurrank and give him the root of death. He will reward you with a animal eye and asked to bring him more death root.

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