Media: Zoff at FC Schalke 04

6 factors after 7 Bundesliga games and also in the respected derby versus the BVB in spite of solid performance: y, FC Schalke 04 is not truly going well, currently the irritation has apparently gotten its escape.

Criticism, which is claimed to have been extremely acidic to the Uruguayer. Salazar is said to have clearly notified Kramer that the reasons laid out do not represent his own perception whatsoever. Later on, the 23-year-old is claimed to be stormed mad from the conversation, it is said.

According to this, Kramer asked his protégé to speak to the district derby for a four-eye discussion to clarify why he is presently not playing a leading function at S04. The train is stated to have actually criticized that Salazar does not pay sufficient attention to his fitness and also for that reason only take component in the video game as a joker.

It is stated to have collapsed a great deal between Schalke instructor Frank Kramer and midfielder Rodrigo Salazar. The image reports.

brand-new finalizing of FC Schalke 04 must likewise sulk

Evidently an affront for the promotion hero of the pre-season, which contributed seven objectives and also 7 templates to return to the German football upper residence in 32 competitive video games as well as the Laymen motivated Königsblauen to move 1.5 million euros to Eintracht Frankfurt after the financing.

Salazar is stated to have clearly informed Kramer that the factors established out do not correspond to his very own understanding at all. Later on, the 23-year-old is claimed to be stormed mad from the discussion, it is said.

According to the record, Kramer is not alone with his objection. Behind Hand, so Build, the sight was taken at Schalke that Salazar has just air for half an hour. Obviously an affront for the promo hero of the pre-season, which contributed seven objectives as well as 7 templates to go back to the German football upper residence in 32 affordable video games and also the Laymen prompted Königsblauen to move 1.5 million euros to Eintracht Frankfurt after the finance.

Kramer ought to not only obtain a headwind from Salazar. According to Build, novice Alexander Oral is additionally every little thing else than satisfied with his situation. The Czech global most recently likewise shouted on the bench.

Quiet must only quit in Gelsenkirchen if it rises in s. The upcoming video games versus Bayern cone FC Augsburg (October 2nd) and also Bayer Leverkusen (October 8th) need to not be a stroll.


Ukraine Profi Melichenko thanks Dynamo

The Russia-Ukraine War May Push NATO To Increase Military Spending
With moving descriptions, the Ukrainian footballer Kyrylo Melichenko talked about the war in his homeland and the desire that there will be a future for him soon.

The 22-year-old is currently considered at football second division Dynamo Dresden Fit, trained with the team and is largely supplied by the club. The club grounds of the Ukrainian first division FK Mariupol, where the right-to-defendered regular player was, as well as his apartment in a tenement of the East Ukrainian city with all his personal belongings were completely destroyed, he said.

Melichenko stopped at war outbreak with his team to a training camp in Turkey. A return to Ukraine planned for the 24th of February was no longer possible. For weeks you have held individually in Turkey, reported Melichenko.

His also 22 years old friend Anja, who has very good knowledge of German after a one-year internship in Potsdam, then wrote several clubs in Germany and asked for help. “Within two hours we had a feedback from Dynamo, two days later we were in Dresden,” Melichenko reported with gratitude and humility.

Melichenko: “It should finally be over”

The footballer who had no armed service had to compete because of his studies, nothing more than easy peace. “Everything else is not important. It should finally be over, so we can go home again,” said Melichenko, which highlighted the helpfulness of Dynamo, the Dresdnern and the whole Federal Republic. “Thank you Germany,” said the footballer.

He could also imagine playing for the time being at Dynamo or another German club. Some of his team colleagues from FK Mariupol have now come across with clubs outside Ukraine, but a large part is still in Turkey.