Gyeonggi -do, open e -sports festival

Gyeonggi -do and Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency will hold the ‘Gyeonggi e -Sports Festival’ to expand the base of esports at the Goyang KINTEX 2 exhibition hall from 12th to 15th.

The Gyeonggi e -sports festival is a festival where Domin enjoys e -sports culture. The festival, which is held in conjunction with PlayX4, consists of various events such as disabled e -sports competitions, influencer Invitational (celebrity invitations), and campus competitions.

All events will be held at the e -sports festival special stage at the Play Expo B2C exhibition hall. In addition, various events will be held in which visitors participate in the festival.

First of all, with the opening ceremony on the 12th, the ‘Disabled E -Sports Competition’ will be held for the vulnerable group. This competition is divided into participation stocks depending on the type of disability. ‘Cartrider Rush Plus’, which can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone with intellectual disabilities, and ‘FIFA Online 4’, which is popular for the people with delimits and hearing impairments. The organizer will operate various convenience facilities for participants, including a wheelchair stage slope.

On the 13th and 15th, the ‘Campus Competition’ finals will be held, which will cover the strongest e -sports of the metropolitan university. The finals are the winners of the winners who have won the university and the online qualifiers. The campus competition is divided into team and personal sports. First of all, ‘FIFA Online 4’ is a tournament, and ‘Eternal Returns’ is a round score. League of Legends, the team event, will be held in a tournament.

On the 14th, ‘Influencer Invitational (Celebrity Invitation) will be held with famous streamers and professional gamers. The competition, which is held as a short -term tournament, consists of a variety of attractions, ranging from famous game BJ events to retired pro gamers and campus competitions.

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Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi e -sports festival can also participate online. The Gyeonggi e -Sports Festival official Twitch channel and the Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency YouTube will be broadcast live during the festival.

Ryu Kwang -yeol, head of the economic department at Gyeonggi -do, said, “I hope more people will enjoy the game culture through the Gyeonggi e -sports festival.”