Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: руководство по мосту Slumber Spirit’s Bridge (Show of Force) — Hues of the Violet Garden Event

The Genshin Impact event “Shades of the Violet Garden” opens the Andanzum for the rest of the teivat by the magnificent Gerodori festival. It works from from April 7, 2022 to April 25, 2022. and open for all players Adventure rank 30 and above which completed Eugene Plan Archont Search Segment: Chapter II: Act I – Militant God and Eternal Eutemy.

If you have not fulfilled the story quests of the character of Inadzum, you must access the event from fast start button in the lower left corner of the event menu.

how to unlock theater machine

The Theater Mechanicus mini-game can be unlocked by following the event. What left blue flowers . This directly follows the strange fairy tale about the tincture of Suikou’s Tipsy Tincture.

Unlike previous iterations Theater Mechanicus, the mechanics of this round is slightly different. The joint mode is no longer allowed, and Mystic Arts is replaced by Fortune Sticks, which cannot be improved. At each stage there is a simple mode (demonstration of force) and complex mode (entry into the Horde).

How to go through Slumber Spirit’s Bridge (Show of Force)

wands good luck

You can use any Fortune Stick that you like, but here are some recommended options to take advantage of damage from freezing:

  • Fortune Stick: underwater flow
  • Good luck wand: swelling
  • Fortune Stick: Busty rage
  • Good luck wand: hail
  • Fortune Stick: Frosty Granule

Accommodation mechanics

At this stage, it is recommended to use damage damage to stop fast moving enemies. Start by deleting all Binding Mechanici, then configure the scene to look like on the image above. You can play with the accommodation of Hydro and Cryo Mechanici. Crackshot is also optional, but perfectly suitable for applying additional damage.

Behind the bridge you can place Binding Mechanici and Crackshots at your own discretion. Nevertheless, you can also defeat the enemies that seep through collapse from the bridge with the mechanism on the second floor.

Theater Mechanicus Easy Guide | Stage of Brilliance: Slumber Spirit's Bridge |【Genshin Impact】

Beware of hunters for the ruins as they move very quickly. You need to turn off the bridge on time, otherwise they will be held. If you do not disconnect the bridge on time, do not worry – you need only 2500 points to get all awards.

If you have any problems with the previous stage, see our Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: Whiter The Wind Wends (Show of Force) – Hues of the Violet Garden Event.