Third organization: 1860 Munich wins versus Halle and also combined table leadership

5th video game, 5th victory: 1860 Munich marches ahead in the third football league. The team of train Michael Köllner enhanced the top of the table with a 3: 1 (1: 0) against Halleschen FC. Martin Kobylanski (34th), Yannick Deichmann (61.) as well as Joseph Boyamba (79th, charge) satisfied for the lions. Andor Bolyki (74th) had in the meantime reduced.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC-3: 1 (1: 0).


Gates .

The only drawback was the red card for Tim Rieder (56th, crude foul game). Tunay Deniz saw the traffic signal card (27th, repetitive nasty). For Halle it was the fourth defeat in the fifth video game (one triumph).

1: 0 Kobylanski (34th), 2: 0 Deichmann (61. ), 2: 1 Bolyki (74. ), 3: 1 Boyamba (79. ).

40.: Five mins are still on the clock in the very first round. Will it be dangerous again in front of among the two goals?

74.: Tooor for Hallescher FC, 2-1 by Andor Bolyki connection objective for the HFC! After a wonderful change of sides, Timur Gayret gets the ball on the best wing. He crosses the butter-soft into the center of the fine area, where Andor Bolyki is proper and headed. .

17.: Yellow card for Tunay Deniz (Hallescher FC) On the various other side, Tunay Deniz gets the yellow card for a tactical foul.

85.: yellow card for Albion Vrenezi (TSV 1860 Munich).

63.: replacement at Hallescher FC: Sebastian Müller, Based On Hallescher FC: Andor Bolyki.

83.: replacement at Hallescher FC: Leon Damer, Topic to Hallescher FC: Tom Bierschenk.

27.: yellow-red card for Tunay Deniz (Hallescher FC). Bitter for the Hallescher FC!

Before the beginning: |* Welcome to the 3rd division on matchday 5! TSV 1860 Munich is dealing with Halleschen FC today.

22.: Generally, the experience has little highlights to use. The TSV makes the far better video game, but hardly ever involves clear possibilities. The visitors do their work on the protective as well as rarely enable anything.

49.: yellow card for Jannes Vollert (Hallescher FC). On the left edge of the fine area outside the charge area, Erik Tallig is gotten rid of by Jannes Vollert. He deserves the yellow card.

Before the beginning: |* The game begins at 7 p.m. The stadium on Grünwalder Strasse in Munich acts as a place.

43.: Yellow card for Martin Kobylanski (TSV 1860 Munich). Martin Kobylanski draws to Tom Zimmerschied, that then fell. He sees the 3rd yellow card for the lions in this game.

45.: Authorities stoppage time (mins): 3.

Yellow cards .

5.: The TSV continues to relocate into the opposing half. Nearly all gamers are behind the facility line. Nonetheless, the HFC defensive is still good and also does not allow the opponent penetrate the last third.

69.: Yellow card for Michael Köllner (TSV 1860 Munich).

Red cards .

31.: The best method to play! A corner kick by Martin Kobylanski gets to Meris Skenderovic 7 meters before the goal. He shuts straight from a brief distance, however Felix Gebhardt prevents the objective with a solid reflex.

46.: it goes on.

90.: great ceremony! 60.: ** Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 2-0 by Yannick Deichmann is the thing! Square | Group | Sp. | S | U | N | Tore | Diff. | Pts.

Square Group Sp. S U N Tore Diff. Pts.
1 TSV 1860 Munich 4 4 0 0 10: 3 7 12.
2 FC Ingolstadt 04 4 3 1 0 6: 0 6 10.
3 1. FC Saarbrücken 4 3 1 0 4: 0 4 10.
4 SV 07 Elversberg 4 3 0 1 13: 5 8 9.
5 Viktoria Perfume 4 3 0 1 8: 5 3 9.
6 SV Wehen Wiesbaden 4 2 1 1 10: 4 6 7.
7 SV Meppen 4 2 1 1 10: 7 3 7.
8 MSV Duisburg 4 2 1 1 6: 4 2 7.
9 SC Freiburg II 4 2 1 1 5: 4 1 7.
10 Waldhof Mannheim 4 2 1 1 8: 9 -1 7.
11 Dynamo Dresden 4 2 0 2 8: 6 2 6.
12 VfL Osnabrück 4 1 1 2 2: 3 -1 4.
13 Borussia Dortmund II 4 1 1 2 2: 6 -4 4.
14 Hallescher FC 4 1 0 3 4: 7 -3 3.
15 SpVgg Bayreuth 4 1 0 3 2: 6 -4 3.
16 FSV Zwickau 4 1 0 3 3: 11 -8 3.
17 Erzgebirge Aue 4 0 2 2 3: 8 -5 2.
18 VfB Oldenburg 4 0 1 3 3: 7 -4 1.
19 SC Verl 4 0 1 3 2: 6 -4 1.
20 Consuming red-white 4 0 1 3 4: 12 -8 1.

79.: Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 3-1 by Joseph Boyamba Sits the fine! With a rich shot into the right corner of the objective, Joseph Boyamba transforms from the factor to 3: 1.

90. Playing! .

25.: Only two meters to the right of the penalty location, the residence side are granted a totally free kick. Martin Kobylanski is irritating a cross, but Erik Tallig attempts it with the straight end. Without the Felix Gebhardt, the natural leather flies over package.

11.: Great opportunity for the hosts! Christopher Lannert locates with a cross from the best side of Meris Skenderovic. It only misses eviction by a meter.

60.: Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 2-0 by Yannick Deichmann is the thing! With a magical ticket, Joseph Boyamba stages Yannick Deichmann in the left fifty percent of the penalty area. .

34.: Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 1-0 by Martin Kobylanski. In the left fifty percent of the charge area, Stefan Lex obtains the leather and areas straight on Martin Kobylanski. .

9.: In straight return, the TSV counters. Yannick Deichmann drives the natural leather throughout the opposing fifty percent.

Prior to the start: Four video games, four Sieges-so is the record of TSV 1860 Munich at the start of the period. As the only 3rd division club, the Munich can claim that they have not yet left a single point, which is why they lead the table. The challenger from Halle, on the other hand, has actually only been able to win one game.

15.: Yellow card for Christopher Lannert (TSV 1860 Munich). Christopher Lannert brings Tom Zimmerschied down in the rapid run. For this he sees the first yellow card of the game.

Lannert (15th), Skenderovic (38. ), Kobylanski (43. ), Köllner (69. ), Lex (76. ), Vrenezi (85. ), Moll (89.)/ Deniz (17th), Samson (28. ), Vollert (49. ), Damer (66. ), Löder (71. ).

66.: Yellow card for Leon Damer (Hallescher FC).

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: 3. Organization now in the online ticker.

1.: The ball rolls.

89.: Yellow card for Quirin Moll (TSV 1860 Munich).

35.: surpass, behind. How does the Hallecher FC react to the previous few minutes?

63.: substitute at Hallescher FC: Aaron Herzog, Based On Hallescher FC: Elias Löder.

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* All 380 video games of the third league live at MagentaSport-Schhin in the seminar.

76.: Yellow card for Stefan Lex (TSV 1860 Munich).

Hiller-Lannert, Morgalla, Verlaat, Tallig (71. Moll)- rieder, Greilinger, Y. Deichmann, Kobylanski (46. Boyamba), Lex-Skenderovic (46th Lakenmacher).

46.: replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Meris Skenderovic, Based On TSV 1860 Munich: Fynn Lakenmacher.

45.: late first fifty percent.

64.: replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Erik Tallig, Subject to TSV 1860 Munich: Quirin Moll.

Detailing Hallescher FC .

To broadcast 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC todaymagenta Sportand alsoOnefootball.While you need a paid registration formagena Sporting activity _, which starts at 6.30 p.m. Euro.

3. Organization: The table prior to the fifth matchday.

| Gebhardt-Deniz, Vollert, Reddemann, Hug-Damer (83rd Bierschenk), Herzog (63. Löder), Landgrave, Zimmerschied-Müller (63rd Bolyki), GayRet.

Half-time conclusion: After the very first 45 mins, TSV 1860 Munich leads 1-0 against Hallescher FC. In the 27th minute there was a transforming factor: After two fouls, umpires Steven Greif placed the Halle Tunay Deniz from the square with the yellow-red card. For the Hallescher FC it will currently be truly tough to take something from the Bavarian funding.

38.: Yellow card for Meris Skenderovic (TSV 1860 Munich) for an elbow usage against Sören Reddemann, the TSV demonstrator is cautioned.

List TSV 1860 Munich .

46.: It enters into the 2nd round. The guests come out of the cabin the same. There are two employees modifications in the home group.
| 1860 Munich: Hiller-Lannert, Morgalla, Verlaat, Tallig-Rieder, Greilinger, Y. Deichmann, Kobylanski, Lex-Skenderovic.| Hallescher FC: Gebhardt-Deniz, Vollert, Reddemann, Hug-Damer, Herzog, Landgraf, Zimmerschied-Müller, Gayret.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC, third league: Official lists.

19.: From the left an edge kick flies up right into the HFC fine space. The round comes to Stefan Lex by means of Leandro Morgalla and Yannick Deichmann. He heads from 5 meters just over it.

90.: fantastic parade! A targeted cross from Tom Zimmerschied discovers centrally before the goal Andor Bolyki. It decides from six meters, but with a solid reflex, Marco Hiller directs the sphere over the bar.

71.: Yellow card for Elias Löder (Hallescher FC) Elias Löder sees the following yellow card after climbing up Quirin Moll on the foot.

72.: The mood in the stadium is warmed up. With every nasty, a yellow card is noisally challenged by the ranks.

12.: There is the first possibility for Halle: After initial work by Leon Damer, Sebastian Müller does not head as well far over the bar.

Rieder (55.)/ Deniz (27th).

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: 3. League today on television as well as Livestream.

46.: replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Martin Kobylanski, replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Joseph Boyamba.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: 3. League now in the online ticker for reviewing 3: 1 (1: 0) .

55.: Red card for Tim Rieder (TSV 1860 Munich). In the variety of gamers, once more, Tim Rieder needs to shower prematurely after a tackle with an open sole versus Timur Gayret.

3.: At the beginning of the game, the round runs via the proprietors’ very own rankings. In onward activity, the Köllner group just comes gradually. The guests make the areas in the middle of the field well.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: third league now in LiveTicker-Tor 1860 Munich.

8.: For the very first time, Halle dawns in half of the lions. Tom Zimmerschied highly asserts the round in the left half field. His adjustment of sides finds Aaron Herzog, who is stopped at the fine area.

78.: yellow card for Felix Gebhardt (Hallescher FC) The snapper damages his rage as well as is advised.

28.: yellow card for Louis Samson (Hallescher FC). Explacer Louis Samson gets in the yard to whine regarding the referee. He grabs the yellow box for this.

56.: does the termination brings Halle back right into play?

78.: charge for the TSV! Joseph Boyamba relocates from right into the fine location. With a tackle, Tom Zimmerschied takes a full threat to quit the challenger. He strikes the sphere, but also Boyamba. Referee Steven Greif instantly aims to the point.

51.: Stefan Lex targets at the brief left article when the free kick due. There Jesper is lasting, who misses out on the possibility to complete the objective.